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04.02.2021 16:01:34 HM Lord-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire We were all so sad to hear that Captain Sir Tom Moore passed away in Bedford Hospital this week and we send our thoughts and prayers to his wonderful family who are grieving the loss of a much- loved father and grandfather. Captain Tom was a national treasure who inspired us, and NHS staff, with his gentle, clear and hopeful messages, encouraging us to know that "tomorrow will be a good day." The image of him walking 100 hundred laps of his garden will always make us believe that we are all capable of doing something to help. The twinkle in his eye and his humble dignity touched the hearts of the world and we are proud to honour him as a son of Bedfordshire whose remarkable contribution will be forever remembered by history
04.02.2021 16:20:34 The Bishop of Bedford His loving and extensive family are in my prayers and of those of the community of Bedfordshire and far beyond. To so many, Sir Tom represented the best of our courage and character. Though we are sad, we are also profoundly grateful for him and his magnificent contribution over the last year. We will be learning lessons from his optimism and can-do approach to life for some time, but for now the impression left on me is of someone for whom it was never too late to make a difference and a powerful statement about the value of each person’s contribution. We will greatly miss him.
04.02.2021 17:34:33 Juliet Taylor Thank you for the inspiration that you provided for so many, your many years of service and wonderful fundraising achievement for the NHS Charities. With prayers for Captain Sir Tom and all his family & friends. Safe in God's care.
04.02.2021 17:35:53 Julie Isard-Brown Thanks to Captain Sir Tom, who helped make my period of lockdown so exciting. I'm a relatively new resident, but have visited the gardens for the fete, and have seen the family, so I will keep you all in my prayers
04.02.2021 18:56:02 Christianne Ribeiro Captain Sir Tom Moore has captured my heart and admiration. It was a pleasure to see his smile, wise words and kindness on all the interviews on TV. I’ll definitely miss his face and the example he has given us during these difficult times. He showed us all so much compassion, understanding of our state of mind and specifically gratitude for the wonderful service our NHS provides. May you rest in peace Captain Sir Tom! God bless you. I will always remember you. My condolences to all his lovely family.
04.02.2021 19:07:11 Pam and Dave Turner We live in Marston and are proud to have followed Capt Tom's fundraising machine. It came at a time when the whole country needed him. Our prayers and heartfelt thanks to his family for sharing him with us all at our time of need too. May his legacy continue in the way he would have wanted.
04.02.2021 19:39:04 Stephen Murphy I have the greatest respect for Sir Tom. He showed us that a strong will can achieve almost anything.
04.02.2021 19:59:03 Revd Richard Howlett As Rector of Marston Moretaine 1998 to 2005 I wanted to send my condolences on the loss of a dear Father and Grandfather, who was a grandfather figure to so many in our land, providing encouragement and optimism from his perspective as a war hero. My mother was born the same year as Sir Tom and showed his same characteristics of resilience and care for others. God be with you all, and may your memories of this splendid gentleman be a comfort for the future.
04.02.2021 20:15:41 Maria langley Your time on earth is done; grow your wings and fly ✨
04.02.2021 20:34:03 Chris Clayton Rest in peace Captain Tom. In the most terrible of times, you brought the whole country together with grace, dignity and humour. We owe you so much. God bless xx
04.02.2021 20:47:14 Rachel Long RIP Sir Captain Tom Moore- a humble, kind and generous hero from our lovely village. What you achieved for our country in your early life and in the last few months is truly amazing. Your name and legacy will live on through your wonderful family and the foundation. Sleep well Sir xx
04.02.2021 21:18:05 Vicky Wright Thank you So much for all you done. A wonderful man and an inspiration to all. You were the shining light in tough times. A true gentleman and you are a hero. RIP sir.
04.02.2021 21:27:05 Pauline Sanderson You inspired us and gave us hope through difficult times. God bless you. Rest in peace.
04.02.2021 21:49:20 Sarah Hall Captain Sir Tom Moore made an huge impact on the lives of so many during a really difficult time.. He will be forever remembered for his inspiration, positive outlook and for being a true gentleman. We send lots of love and thoughts to his family at this difficult amd very sad time.
04.02.2021 21:53:31 David Roy Young A light shining in the darkness
04.02.2021 21:57:35 Colin Rumbelow Thank You Captain Sir Tom Moore, You bought us light when we were in darkness, You are a true inspiration and a Legend, Stand Down Sir, Your duty is done, RIP Sir xx
04.02.2021 22:11:18 Tracy Hayward Thank you for your service Sir. And for being the bright light we all needed during lockdown, and your amazing achievements for the NHS. Sending my love for your onward journey where you will be reunited with those you love, and the brave men thats served with you so we could all live our lives freely.
04.02.2021 22:52:14 Laura Brandon We salute you Captain Sir Tom, a inspiration to us all and a true hero! God Bless xx
04.02.2021 23:04:53 Mrs Sylvia Nott Remembering Sir Tom. A true inspiration to all in these difficult times. Always remembered Never forgotten. God bless you now and forever. Praying for all the family at this time
04.02.2021 23:47:28 Hazel Kerr An inspirational man, a light in the darkness of 2020. RIP Captain Sir Tom.
05.02.2021 07:06:41 Carly Allen A truly remarkable gentleman, who not only gave up part of his youth to fight for our country but did not hesitate to step in one again when our country started fighting a war of a different kind. May you rest in peace Sir and your amazing character and spirit live on in your families hearts forever.
05.02.2021 07:20:53 Karen Foster Thank you sir, for your life of service and dedication to the people of this country. It is with humility that I say condolences to your family and rest in peace x
05.02.2021 08:34:22 Judith and Mark Jeffery “Well done, good and faithful servant”. As we grow older we will remember your example to do whatever we can to serve others, even in old age.
05.02.2021 09:23:39 Marie-Christine McFarlane Captain Tom was a ray of light in a dark time. His dogged determination, his twinkling sense of humour and his commitment to make tomorrow a good day were and are an inspiration. May his family take comfort from the love and respect he so richly deserves.
05.02.2021 09:33:13 Janet Stow Dear Tom, "He has slipped the surly bonds of earth and danced the skies on laughter silvered wings..................put out his hand and touched the face of God........." (Magee 1941)
05.02.2021 09:40:07 Sian Hiscocks A heartfelt thank you for all the hope and inspiration you brought into our lives. A great man indeed. We will continue to pray for your family.
05.02.2021 11:10:17 Jan Capper R I P Sir Tom You have left a truly amazing mark in our history.. Fly high xxx
05.02.2021 11:33:10 Anita Grewal God bless, may you rest in eternal peace x
05.02.2021 11:31:54 Sharon Turton On behalf of everyone in the South East Midlands Team of the Royal British Legion. We would like to send our most sincere condolences to Captain Sir Tom's Family and close friends. Captain Sir Tom, you were a bright light in our time of darkness and your memory will be ever lasting. Your service to your Country is something that will never be forgotten for generations to come. May you rest in peace with your beautiful Wife and your brothers in arms. Stand easy soldier, your duty is done.
05.02.2021 11:33:42 Simon King, Head of Operations for Bedfordshire and Luton, EEAST Captain Sir Tom Moore has been a source of inspiration and positive leadership to those who live and work in Bedfordshire. For many of the people working in the East of England Ambulance Service (EEAST), myself included, Captain Tom has been a positive role model leading the fight against COVID-19. We thank Captain Tom for his inspiration as well as his fantastic fundraising, which is benefitting us in EEAST as we care for one-another.
05.02.2021 11:41:36 Daniel Hanbury A fine and distinguished man. Your fundraising efforts on behalf of the NHS are a wonderful memorial and an example for others to admire and follow.
05.02.2021 11:42:31 Denise Hurst An inspiration to young and old alike.
05.02.2021 11:44:51 Deborah and Peter Lawson We are sorry. It will be a good day when this virus is conquered.
05.02.2021 11:42:33 Mr Mrs P Horne R.I.P Sir Captain Tom your were an inspiration to us all at a very dark time x
05.02.2021 11:40:33 Lyn Lyman Well done Captain Tom, you had a good & full life and at 100 years young, were still thinking of others. Your name is on everyones lips and for excellent reasons. Sleep well
05.02.2021 11:59:11 john Peter Pike He will be remembered as an inspiration to us all. Thank you Sir Tom
05.02.2021 12:02:35 Sam Marshall Sir Tom. What a wonderful inspiration you have been. Not just to residents of Bedford, not just to the UK, but to the world. We needed you more than you realised. You leave a lasting legacy and will not be forgotten. Rest in peace, Captain.
05.02.2021 11:58:50 Vinod Tailor MBE DL Sir Tom has certainly left a Legacy. His inspirational words will be remembered forever. Tom is certainly larger than life. We in Bedfordshire were Blessed to have him in our wonderful county.
05.02.2021 11:56:13 Tom Franey Wells Capt Sir Tom Moore You achieved a marvellous contribution to humanity in the last year of your life for which you will always be remembered with huge gratitude. Thank you hardly seems enough to say. But thank you and your family for their terrific support in assisting you with your efforts. I remember you home very fondly; as small boy my maternal Grandparents lived there, my Grandfather Rev R.H. Goode was Vicar at Marston Mortayne in the 1950’s . RIP Tom Wells
05.02.2021 12:11:51 John and Heather Wells An inspiration to all and we will remember that "Tomorrow will be a good day"
05.02.2021 12:18:36 Nicola Moran My deepest condolences on the passing of Captain Sir Tom to his family and friends. It’s not often we see someone so special. As a father, a grandfather and a friend to millions you put others first. Above all, an inspiration to a nation. Twice in one lifetime, you brought hope to a nation. Thank you. May you rest in eternal peace.
05.02.2021 12:21:44 David Burgess Captain Sir Tom Moore has left a permanent footprint that will survive for may years. There will be other major health issues with which society at large will have to cope. Sir Tom will again come to the forefront of our collective memories when such matters arise. God Bless and Rest in Peace Sir Tom, truly a hero of our time.
05.02.2021 12:26:11 George Mariner Thank you Tom, an inspiration to so many...
05.02.2021 12:33:51 Lorraine Brady Sir Tom RIP you brought light at a dark time. You are a hero always .Sweet dreams now you rest xxxx
05.02.2021 12:32:32 Judith Beresford Rest in peace. You have been an inspiration to so many. Thank you for raising so much for the NHS. God bless and keep you safe in the hands of the Lord..
05.02.2021 12:35:49 Sarah Mead A remarkable man...
05.02.2021 12:33:43 Dr Virendra Soni. Thank you Capt Sir Tom Moore for bringing people of this country to fight COVID-19 and huge funds collected for NHS through public donations. You were very inspirational. May your soul rest in peace near God.
05.02.2021 12:38:16 Eric Robinson It is with deep sadness that this week we have heard of the passing of Captain Sir Tom. An extraordinary man who has filled us all with inspiration, leading by the finest example and proving to us all that "It Will Be a Good Day Tomorrow". On behalf of all Royal British Legion members within Bedfordshire, I send deepest sympathies to his immediate family and friends in Marston Moretaine. Eric Robinson, County President, Royal British Legion, Bedfordshire.
05.02.2021 12:50:03 Tiffany Khaliq What a true British gentleman we have lost. May you rest in eternal peace with your beloved wife. You will never be forgotten Sir .What an amazing last year of life you had .Go forward on your journey ,you’ll never walk alone. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day. RIP
05.02.2021 13:01:31 Samantha Jones What a wonderful life and legacy. God bless you.
05.02.2021 13:01:35 Christine Sale What you achieved over the last 12 months was incredible. RIP
05.02.2021 13:04:05 Sally Williams Thank you for being such an inspiration.
05.02.2021 13:06:51 Clare Slight A very truly inspirational man. You have touched everyone's hearts and you will never be forgotten. Thank you Sir Tom.
05.02.2021 13:10:26 Annette Cook A truly inspirational gentleman RIP Sir Captain Tom xx
05.02.2021 13:12:27 Hayley Wells Thank you for being a wonderful human being & an inspiration to us all. We will never forget you.
05.02.2021 13:14:10 Gary Albert Greatest respect to you Sir, you have served your Country and your Queen admirably. Now is your time to rest. RIP Sir Tom, when the going gets tough men like you come forward.
05.02.2021 13:19:08 Rianna Steers You were an inspiration Captain Tom and brought so much happiness on the darkest of days. Sleep well and fly high.
05.02.2021 13:20:21 Anthony Procter A great Sir Tom Moore has now gone to Heaven and will be greatly missed by all.xx
05.02.2021 13:13:16 Jacqueline Arnold-Jellis & Adrian Jude Captain Sir Tom has inspired many to see the best in the world, his resilience and joy for life has shown many people who may have been struggling during the last year what can be achieved and the optimism you can have from one day to the next. His fundraising for the NHS in which I work was nothing short of a miracle alongside all those generous contributors. Thank you Captain Sir Tom for being in our lives. Love and sympathies for his lovely family at this sad time. Rest In Peace you wonderful man. Jacqui and Adrian
05.02.2021 13:16:14 Robert Oakley Capt Tom: You entered our lives with a humble whimper, but climbed monumentally to represent the beating heart of our nation to the globe. Very few have ever achieved so much and nurtured so much good, yet alone in their 100th year. Although most of us have never had the honour of meeting you, we all know you as a father figure and you will remain in our hearts forever.
05.02.2021 13:24:57 Jean Gray 'Stand at Ease' Sir Captain Tom Your duty has finished but your achievement will live on, in the hearts of us all.
05.02.2021 13:27:21 Sergio Rodrigues Your inspiration will remain with us your legacy will be proudly continue. Wishing a peaceful rest to Sir Tom
05.02.2021 13:28:57 Felicite Ngoumbi May you sleep well in God's kingdom.
05.02.2021 13:29:11 Matthew Pope You were a true inspiration. It's now time to put your feet up, rest in peace Sir.
05.02.2021 13:35:15 Caroline Anne Beckett I didn't know you personally Captain Tom but over the last 10 months or so I have felt like it . You gave us all some hope and some belief that things will get better one day and we will all enjoy our freedom once more. Being an NHS employee I would like to say thank you for what you did and the amazing achievement you completed. You were without doubt just Amazing. Rest in peace Captain Sir Tom. xx
05.02.2021 13:35:58 Luan Wiseman Sir Tom - you gave us a massive ray of light during a very dark time - you were a huge inspiration to the people of the world, not just the UK, with your positive message which will hopefully live on "tomorrow is another day" - you made people smile and have hope - thank you for all you have done for everyone and for the NHS, you will never be forgotten and the legacy will last for always. RIP Sir
05.02.2021 13:40:01 Margaret Spalding Sir Tom many thanks for your amazing strength and stamina for walking up and down your garden. I have worked for the N H S for 44 years you are a true legend May you sleep well
05.02.2021 13:44:12 Francesca Blake Such an inspirational man and Captain Tom leaves a great legacy behind for generations to come. Condolences to the family.
05.02.2021 13:42:28 Delphi Ellis Thank you Captain Sir Tom for your service to our country, your wisdom and your continuous hope for a better tomorrow. We are so grateful for your 100 years and all that you achieved. Our thoughts are with the family.
05.02.2021 13:33:16 Tom Carr My thoughts with the Ingram-Moore family this week. It's been an extraordinary year in many ways, and Captain Tom deserved all the recognition and adulation after his wonderful efforts for our NHS. He always came across so humble and down-to-earth and will be remembered so very fondly by our town. Rest in Peace Captain.
05.02.2021 13:42:32 Andy Bradley Captain Sir Tom Moore never forgot his roots. In1939 & 2020 when UK was vulnerable, HE stepped forward to serve & remind us of who we were & still are. 🙏RIP
05.02.2021 13:47:33 James Hinkins A man who put others before himself. A true gent and a role model to all. RIP solider
05.02.2021 13:46:07 Natalie Bandee Thank you sir captain Tom for raise money for the nhs and your are amazing man and I love how you inspired me to never give up hope and tomorrow the sun will shine and it will be a better day
05.02.2021 13:48:45 Ruth Banton Thank you Sir Tom for the inspiration that you were to us all. The sun will come out again!!
05.02.2021 13:50:19 Sharon Day Thank you for your heroic efforts in raising all that money you are an inspiration to everyone, thoughts and prayers are with your family at this sad time.
05.02.2021 13:52:10 Emma Gascoyne You lifted our spirits in our darkest time, you will never be forgotten. May you now rest in eternal peace.
05.02.2021 14:07:35 Corinne Scott I'm from Bedfordshire. I think what Tom did was amazing. I hope he rests well.
05.02.2021 14:13:45 Naomi Buchanan-Kay You were an amazing man who’s name will be remembered for generations. Thank you for everything. Sleep tight x
05.02.2021 14:15:12 Terence George William Thurley Sir Tom - You were & will always be inspirational
05.02.2021 14:17:13 Gaile Wood Thank you for being a bright star, a comet of hope, during a dark period of all our lives.
05.02.2021 14:22:20 Eileen Knox Such a lovely soul and an inspirational man. Your work is done Captain Sir Tom RIP now.
05.02.2021 14:23:39 Gaye T. Soule In remembrance of a truly inspirational and special human being. Condolences to your lovely family. Rest in peace Sir Tom.
05.02.2021 14:13:43 Manton Heights Care Centre Captain Sir Tom Moore you will always be remembered as a true hero and will always be a wonderful influence on the world.
05.02.2021 14:28:20 Chris Smith & Debbie Hart Sir Tom, you are and always will be an inspiration to us all. You served your country throughout your life and were so proud to be British. Your duty is done. Rest now kind Sir. Gone but never forgotten.
05.02.2021 14:44:01 Brian & Eileen Prickett Thank you Captain Sir Tom for all you did. You inspired a Nation when we needed it the most and will always be remembered with sincere gratitude.
05.02.2021 14:47:51 Sandra Whitbread Such an inspiration to all. Rest in peace Captain Sir Tom Moore
05.02.2021 14:48:07 Rob James May you RIEP. Not only did you fight to make this country great in WWII but your walk also showed everyone again how great it is. You are one in a million. May your star shine bright. XX
05.02.2021 14:48:26 Julia, Anna, Will & Seth Simmons-Collar To live to 100 is truly remarkable, but what an incredible way to have reached that milestone! Any life lived that long at this time in history is inextricably bound up with stories and experiences from the war and so very much more, both human and personal. What makes Captain Tom so special and such a loss to us all is his positivity, resilience, eloquence and warmth - cometh the hour, cometh the man: he was all of us and yet none of us at the same time. The moment of his making was so special to us all during such a very challenging year. We lost a young cousin to Covid, it's raw in our family but, through it all, stories like Captain Tom's brought us some much-needed comfort. We will remember him always. A long life lived to the full, and a final year filled with heart, soul and spirit. Thank you for being such a light to us.
05.02.2021 14:47:42 Matthew McGrath I thank God for Capt. Tom. He was a living monument to love, compassion, joy, courage and hope. In a year of much darkness, his engaging and sincere smile was a shining light for me and for millions of others throughout the world. May he rest in the peace of the Lord and may all his family and friends be consoled at this time.
05.02.2021 15:00:39 Tracey Carter RIP captain Tom
05.02.2021 15:00:44 Mrs Anita Alborough Thank you Sir Tom, you united us all and showed us that at whatever age great things can be done. You protected us twice in your life and now it's your turn to be protected. R.IP Sir x
05.02.2021 15:06:07 Susan Webster Captain Tom. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for all you did for us. May you rest in peace.
05.02.2021 15:07:39 Captain David Michael Tall OBE Royal Navy My wife and I send our sincere condolences on the loss of a truly inspirational gentleman. Our thoughts and prayers are with Sir Tom's family.
05.02.2021 15:14:17 Linda Wilson Thank you for sharing your Dad/Grandad who was a beacon of light in the most dire of times, I truly wish "tomorrow will be a good day" for you all.
05.02.2021 15:17:58 Tanith Lindsay Thank you for everything you did for the nhs and for serving your country during the war. The most amazing man. Rip Captain Tom 😢 you will be missed.
05.02.2021 15:18:26 Adrian, Georgie, James and Felicity Standen Your strength and resilience was amazing, you came to the rescue of the country again, we took you into our hearts and we walked with you. You are a legend Captain Sir Tom and you will never be forgotten, you have a place in the history books never to be forgotten, thank you Captain Tom you can rest easy now, you served your country well xxx
05.02.2021 15:20:03 Kevin Puddephatt A true inspiration and a shining example of good old fashioned compassion, humility and respect for others. We need alot more people with Sir Tom's values and atitude in this world.
05.02.2021 15:16:44 Kelly Sholagbade To Captain Sir Tom Moore, you inspired a nation when we were at our lowest point, you gave us hope when we thought all was lost, you reminded us never to give up when things got tough, and showed us that anything is possible, we only need to try. May you rest in peace and forever be remembered x
05.02.2021 15:29:55 Sue Benge So sorry to hear of your passing. You were and will remain an inspiration to us. During these tough times your positive attitude and strength of will, will always remain with me. Thank you for uniting us when we needed it most.
05.02.2021 12:40:00 Paul and Sheila Phillips What an inspirational man. From the first day we saw Captain Sir Tom on the television he put smiles on our faces and those smiles have remained with us throughout this pandemic. R.I.P. Captain Sir Tom. Paul and Sheila Phillips.
05.02.2021 15:45:41 Catherine Dunne RIP Capt Tom an inspiration to all. You will be remembered for all that you achieved. May you fly high with the angels. From Co Galway, Ireland 🙏❤️
05.02.2021 15:45:32 Israel Lewis-Roberts As part of the younger generation, you surely did inspire us ALL to keep fit, healthy and to keep positive. You surely did the UK proud and you raised an amazing amount for the NHS. Thank you. Well Done Sir.
05.02.2021 15:51:45 Bethany Curran R.I.P to an amazing gentleman who did so much to help the country in a time of crisis. I will always admire what you have done throughout your life. Thank you Sir Tom
05.02.2021 15:53:19 Ann thomson Rest in peace sir. You served your country well and amazing charity work in your memory will live on. Proud to work for NHS and your fundraising will help us massively xx🙏
05.02.2021 15:52:57 Jack beck What an achievement. An inspiration for us all.We shall never forget him.
05.02.2021 15:43:04 Mr & Mrs Godfrey Sending our heartfelt condolences to family and friends. What a gentleman, legend and true inspiration to us during the past year and for generations to come. RIP Sir Captain Tom Moore and thank you for touching our hearts, sharing hope, love and togetherness. Whenever we think of you we will certainly smile.
05.02.2021 15:59:33 John Dunne Sincere condolences to all of Captain Sir Tom's family. He was a true legend. X
05.02.2021 15:57:00 Kevin Twidale Lt ret VR Just a heartfelt thankyou Sir in proving an ex soldier always gives service to his fellow man. Stand down now and rest in peace your duty is done, well done Sir .
05.02.2021 16:07:16 Anna Darrington Captain sir Tom Moore You was an inspiration and someone to look up to. You have inspired many people. Condolences to all your friends and family Fly high sweet angel
05.02.2021 16:10:27 Mrs. Gail Davis I am very sad that you have passed away Captain Sir Tom Moore. You have had a wonderful life. You achieved so much during the last year of your life, doing all that walking and raising so much money for the NHS. You also had the honour or receiving a Birthday card from the Queen and meeting her. Thank you for everything. You were a very kind man.
05.02.2021 16:19:47 Sir Leslie Ebdon CBE DL Thank you, Sir Tom, for inspiring us and lifting a nation.
05.02.2021 16:25:27 Sue Beaumont We have lost a truly remarkable man. May his spirit and determination continue.
05.02.2021 16:26:21 Michele Finley A remarkable man. Heaven has gained a hero. Thoughts are with his friends and family at this sad time.
05.02.2021 16:24:56 Lionel Thomas Mann MVO. RVM. Sincere condolences from my wife Patricia and myself on the passing of a heroic walker! Rest in Peace!
05.02.2021 16:24:26 Wendi Momen Honouring your service to our country and to the National Health Service at its time of great need and remembering you in our prayers: "O Lord, glorify his station, shelter him under the pavilion of Thy supreme mercy, cause him to enter Thy glorious paradise, and perpetuate his existence in Thine exalted rose garden, that he may plunge into the sea of light in the world of mysteries. Verily, Thou art the Generous, the Powerful, the Forgiver and the Bestower." `Abdu'l-Bahá (from the Bahá'í scriptures) Wendi Momen, Secretary Bahá'í community of Northill, Beds.
05.02.2021 16:30:32 Kelly Oliver Thank you for inspiring the world and for giving people hope when we all needed it the most . May you Rest in Peace
05.02.2021 16:35:52 Paul and Tracey Wright Such an inspiration to us all in how we should lead our lives and be kind to one another. Duty carried out, stand easy Captain Tom xxxx
05.02.2021 16:32:44 Ms Jackson Thoughts are with the family at this time. Being from Bedfordshire I am so very proud of all Tom did for the NHS and for the inspiration he gave both young and old to push them selves to help others.
05.02.2021 16:36:54 Teresa Warwick Sir Tom, you have been the most inspirational man in recent years, Condolences to your family, RIP and MAY TOMORROW ALWAYS BE A GOOD DAY,
05.02.2021 16:42:35 Joanna linnell Dear Captain Tom, you will always be remembered in our hearts, you were one in a million Rest in peace
05.02.2021 16:42:53 Laura Statham Captain Sir Tom Moore, you were the light at the end of the tunnel, the rainbow on a rainy day, you gave us all something to believe in and something to focus on. You encouraged us to be brave and know the storm would pass. You showed us that anything is possibly if you try. Your determination to achieve so many amazing things kept us all positive when we needed it most. Today may not have been a good day but tomorrow will be a better day. You are truly a legend. Thank you x
05.02.2021 16:50:57 Hilary and Gerald Fox Thoughts and prayers on the passing of Captain Tom who captured a nation with his courage and humility.Our condolences to his family, All at Bedfordshire Progressive Synagogue.
05.02.2021 16:54:18 Laura Hunton Your humility and positive attitude brought sunshine to the darkest of days. You inspired us all, a true gentlemen and beautiful spirit. Always in our hearts Laura & Wills xxxx
05.02.2021 16:57:56 Catherine Villegas Rest in paradise Captain Tom. What a wonderful life you lived and what an extraordinary legacy. Your family must be so very proud ❤️
05.02.2021 17:03:39 Karen Rose A true hero
05.02.2021 17:02:19 Liz & Iain Jones, Dunstable Captain Sir Tom .... you bought life back into so many when they were struggling through lockdown. You showed great courage and determination to reach your goal, and gave so many others the motivation to reach out and achieve more. You are one inspirational man and have left a huge legacy for so many ...May you now RIP.
05.02.2021 17:03:16 Susan Mahoney A true hero and a gentleman, thank you for your service. You were an inspiration to whole country. RIP and god bless you
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05.02.2021 17:07:25 Rosemary Glasscoe So very sorry, we all come to see this wonderful man as family, he will be missed by all xx
05.02.2021 17:07:45 Sav & Helen Captain Sir Tom, may you rest in eternal peace in the knowledge that your selfless commitment, courage and inspirational example of being an amazing person will never be forgotten. RIP Sir.
05.02.2021 17:11:07 Jennie Bayliss You were an inspiration to so many, at such a difficult time. And such a geniune, kind and lovely person. May you rest in peace and may your family forever feel your love around them. Thank you for all you did over the past 10 months xx
05.02.2021 17:10:07 David Went A truly wonderful & exceptional man, magnificent example for others to follow! Well done.
05.02.2021 17:11:08 Carol Mills My heart goes out to the family. R.I.P captain sir Tom Moore Your and inspiration to all and such a hero God bless sleep tight sir xxxxx🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
05.02.2021 17:14:08 Kirsten Knight I hope your inspiration will live on in our children. Rest in peace x
05.02.2021 17:11:59 mrs catherine wright A truly legand man to know who fought the war and our member family uncle Jack were in Burma and very well proud of him raising amazing 33 millions pounds for our NHS. rest in peace renuinted with your family, with bless catherine andrew anneka and maisy wright
05.02.2021 17:19:03 Lisa Went Rest in peace. You were a true star of lockdown raising so much money and a true gent through and through. The world will miss you.
05.02.2021 17:17:51 Peter Crump As a former military man I salute you Sir. May you rest in peace.
05.02.2021 17:16:41 Roger and Anne Seaton Right actions at the right time. Thankful for Sir Tom and people like him.
05.02.2021 17:15:41 Christine Pearce Thank you Captain Tom, such a lovely inspirational man.
05.02.2021 17:20:33 Louise Davies Condolences to the family of this wonderfully generous man.
05.02.2021 17:17:03 Ellen Barnes Capt. Sir Tom, Rest in Peace my good Sir you have shown this nation and those of the world backbone that has been lacking, you are the unmistakable angel of Bedfordshire and the NHS. Bless You.
05.02.2021 17:20:57 Loretta Lankshear My heart goes out to family during this sad time.
05.02.2021 17:18:19 Patricia Edwards So sad Capt Tom was such an inspiration in these trying times I followed all his interviews throughout 2020 God Bless to such a wonderful man His saying Tomorrow will be a good day will be remembered
05.02.2021 17:10:27 Josna Parmar You were our local inspirational hero who achieved international appeal. At some dark and difficult times during the pandemic in 2020 you gave us much needed light, hope and positivity which united us all. Your determination to walk 100 laps was a brave act and in the process raised a phenomenal sum for our wonderful and precious NHS from which we will all benefit. Thank you for your legacy.
05.02.2021 17:20:29 Fr Wayne Coughlin Jesu Mercy, Mary Pray With the assurance of prayers for the repose of the soul of Captain Sir Tom Moore and all those who mourn his passing at this time. Fr Wayne Coughlin and the Catholic Community of Holy Cross Church (Goldington) and Ss Philip and James (Brickhill), Bedford
05.02.2021 17:18:09 High Sheriff of Bedfordshire - Susan Lousada Twice in your life you have led us through two of the darkest times this country has ever faced. Thank you for being such an inspiration. You will always remain in our hearts as our local hero and a national treasure.
05.02.2021 17:24:12 Anil Luthra Great person. Great work for humanity, you will remain in our hearts forever. Rest in Peace.
05.02.2021 17:24:31 Susan Winchester Such a true gentleman who made such a big difference to everyone's lives you will remain in our hearts forever Sir Captain Tom Moore.
05.02.2021 17:26:06 Alison Challis Captain Sir Tom Moore, such an inspiration to us all and future generations. It seemed to me that your values always have been family, duty, generosity to all and above all... kindness. I thank you for all of that, a truly lovely man 💙 xxx
05.02.2021 17:27:04 Sandie Goduti Dear Captain Tom you have been an inspiration to us all, making us realise that giving up is not an option. You will always be remembered. Rest in Peace and God Bless . Love The Goduti Family
05.02.2021 16:58:28 Angel N To Captain Sir Tom Moore, Thank God for your wonderful life on earth and the best contributions you made for us all. May you rest in peace and you will be remembered forever, especially by us the Bedfordians.
05.02.2021 17:18:49 Diane Hannant and Linda McDonnell Who amongst us could ever hope to enjoy such a magnificent final year of life. A remarkable end to a remarkable life. You'll be remembered and thanked for always. Rest in peace.
05.02.2021 17:29:41 Jacquie Ward Captain Sir Tom Moore a true Brit and a gentleman. You brought hope and happiness in uncertain times. We thank you. May you Rest In Peace.
05.02.2021 17:33:14 Kathleen Jones What an inspirational man to whom we owe a debt of gratitude.
05.02.2021 17:31:24 Diane Hill RIP to a true gentleman. You kept us going when times were really bad.Hopefully we are on our way out of these awful times now. I wish that you could have seen it through. Bless you .The Hill Family - Renhold
05.02.2021 17:32:46 Anne Brown, Wymington You were an inspiration to everyone during this terrible year. Your optimism , stoicism and cheerfulness kept us all going. God bless you captain Sir Tom. RIP.
05.02.2021 17:24:53 Jeff Nash & Helga Nash Thank You for being a person of serenity, courage,, and wisdom. Your efforts have helped to make this world a better place, for all of us who were lucky enough to hear your mighty comforting words of wisdom. May God Bless You.
05.02.2021 17:40:04 Claire Cummings What an amazing journey you have led us on over the past 10 months. Thanks for the spirit and drive that you have shown us in abundance. You will be remembered by the county of Bedfordshire and the whole country for showing us that anything is possible. Rest in peace.
05.02.2021 17:43:58 Geoffrey Fairhurst Well done - an inspiration to the Nation.
05.02.2021 17:44:53 Josephine Miller Sir Captain Tom a great hero and a remarkable man a true gent. He was an inspiration to us all. I would like to send my condolences to his family and friends. Will be sadly missed..
05.02.2021 17:47:02 Shirley Eyide We saw your passion, it touched us, we were mesmerised. It motivated us and made us want to look around and see what we can do to change the world 🌎 into a better place. Rest in Power Captain. You are in a better place. You were born for a time like this. Much love
05.02.2021 17:45:37 Lynne Muirhead Captain Sir Tom, you were a true hero of the nation and a beacon of light in the darkness of the pandemic! You will never be forgotten! Rest in peace. X
30.12.1899 00:00:00
05.02.2021 17:49:18 Jo Castle My condolences to all of his family, this village was able to celebrate with him on his birthday and the Lancaster bomber going over our house is something I will never forget. He accomplished so much in a short period of time and will be remembered by so many people. I hope that gives his family some solace, take good care of yourselves x
05.02.2021 17:50:58 Beverley Mellor As a family we are greatly saddened by the passing of Sir Tom, a truly inspirational man. My heart goes out to his family who now have to learn to live without him, a very hard task. Thank you for letting him be part of our lives.
05.02.2021 17:55:28 Mr Stephen Kelk Captain Sir Tom Moore a true hero and gentleman of our time, you will be sadly missed by all you touched as well as those you have helped and will help in the future with your wondrous fund raising. RIP.
05.02.2021 17:56:57 Lionel Stewart MBE Sir you were indeed an inspiration to us all, the more we got to know you the more we realised how much you had contributed to our great country. Thanks for your devoted service and above all your amazing fundraising for our heroic NHS. RIP forever in our hearts Sir Tom.
05.02.2021 18:05:34 Sue McAdam You are a true hero and will never be forgotten. RIP Sir Captain Tom Moore
05.02.2021 17:46:01 Katie Holmes Captain Sir Tom Moore. You gave us all a reason to smile and showed us how to be humble, happy, kind and full of love. May your memory live on and be the outstanding beacon of light for the British people during this pandemic. Thank you for you service and your commitment to being the best man, soldier and human you could be. We’re so lucky to have experienced your light. My love to your family... xxx
05.02.2021 18:04:47 Keith Wilson An amazing man with a great attitude of how to handle the challenges that ife throws at you. Way to go Sir Tom
05.02.2021 18:06:24 Stephen Garner I am a retired RAF Policeman and injury retired Bedfordshire Police Officer. I now live just across the border in Northamptonshire. I am immensely proud to have lived watching your selfless devotion in raising so much money for the NHS. Sir, you truly were and are a Great Britain. Your name will live in our psyche for decades to come. Respect and RIP Sir. Your duty done.
05.02.2021 18:05:37 Camilla Williamson Captain Sir Tom, what a true inspiration you were when many were feeling disheartened. Your positivity and upbeat outlook on life should be a lesson to us all. May you rest in peace. My condolences to your family at this sad time.
05.02.2021 18:02:12 Denise Johnston We have so much to thank for. Your inspiration and determination on achieving the amazing amount of money for the NHS. You were always cheerful and said 'tomorrow will be a better day', we are all trying to keep this in our minds and that it will be better soon. My condolences to your lovely family, we will miss you. RIP Captain Sir Tom. X
05.02.2021 18:08:31 Catherine Ogilvie My sincere condolences to the family of Sir Tom. I was heartwarned by his fundraising efforts last year and believe that he achieved far more. By bringing us together he encouraged us all to help raise an incredible amount for NHS Charities. He showed us what great things we can do if we believe in working together and keeping optimistic about tomorrow being a better day. Thank you from me and my family, to yours.
05.02.2021 18:07:11 Irina Forster Having already been a hero in war you were there to show us the way when we desperately needed help. You showed us how to look forward to better things and expect a good day tomorrow. You were marvellous and I will miss your optimism and humour in the face of adversity. Rest well, duty done, bless you.
05.02.2021 18:11:33 Carol & Carl Everitt Captain Sir Tom, you were a truly inspirational man & made the world a much better place with you in it. Thank you for making our lockdown so bearable, seeing you walking for the nhs & watching your many tv interviews bought us such joy.. May you Rest in Peace, you will be sorely missed..
05.02.2021 18:19:06 Sue N & Peter L Thank you for lifting the spirits of so many people in these dark days. God bless your soul and heartfelt condolences to the family.
05.02.2021 18:22:32 Glen Gannon You kept our spirits up and inspired us all to be kind and caring to each other. RIP Sir Tom (Legend)
05.02.2021 18:21:13 Lesley Wyatt RIP Sir Tom - a true gentleman in every sense of the word xxx
05.02.2021 18:25:05 Lynn Hall So proud of all you achieved to help the NHS a true gentlemen. RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore .
05.02.2021 18:24:34 Eileen Message For a life well lived, we celebrate and give thanks for Sir Tom's legacy in life and death. We honour the memory of this dear man and his many great achievements. Much love to his grieving family from Eileen Levine
05.02.2021 18:20:49 Dr. Raj Kathane Sir Tom, you have touched literally millions of people and inspired them to do amazing things, but nothing as amazing as you have done. I have also humbly followed in your steps twice in the last year and raised about £3600. Your legacy will live for a very very long time and you will be fondly remembered. "Rest in Peace ", as the Christians say and "May your soul receive eternal peace and Moksha" as the Hindus and Buddhists say. Raj Kathane
05.02.2021 18:33:12 Marina singer May you rest in eternal peace. A true gent. You will always be remembered
05.02.2021 18:32:22 Mavis Wiltshire Rest in peace dear Sir Tom. You were a light for us to follow when we very low, God Bless Now you are at rest.
05.02.2021 18:33:26 Karen Field Such an inspiration to so many with your positive outlook on life. I will always remember when things are not going so well your words “Tomorrow will be a good day” a sad loss but you leave a lasting legacy to all. RIP Sir Captain Tom Moore 🌈
05.02.2021 18:36:38 Sindhu You will be missed
05.02.2021 18:35:27 Louise Wright You touched the hearts of many and were a beacon of light during our dark days. Stories of your indomitable spirit will inspire young and old for many years to come. Thank you.
05.02.2021 18:34:05 Sandy and District Branch, the Royal British Legiion To Captain Sir Tom Moore, your actions inspired the Nation at the start of this awful time and your memory will live on forever throughout history. May you find eternal peace. Thank you, From The Chairman, Committee and Members.
05.02.2021 18:41:20 Roger Sparks Captain Sir Tom Moore, A selfless act, rallied the whole country and now we rally together to say "Thank You" and may you Rest in Peace.
05.02.2021 18:42:51 Debbie Cook Thankyou so much for giving us all hope during this dark time.
05.02.2021 18:40:41 Dinah Ames Captain Sir Tom, you were the sunshine in our darkest days. You inspired more people than you ever knew. Your family must be so proud of you. Sleep tight
05.02.2021 18:44:28 Deirdre Brook What an inspiration, and what an example for all of us to follow.
05.02.2021 18:46:09 Mrs Julie Humphreys Thank you Captain Sir reminded me of my own dear late Grandad every time I saw you interviewed. Thank you for raising the nations spirit in all that you did and for your contribution throughout your life to our country. My thoughts go out to your wonderful supportive family right now and I’m sure they’ll take strength in knowing that you were loved by whole nation! RIP, god bless x
05.02.2021 18:52:15 Malcolm and Lesley Vhalmers We send our condolences to the family of Captain Sir Tom who had been an inspiration to the whole country and we are so proud of him and the legacy he has left behind.
05.02.2021 18:54:22 Sharon Best R.I.P. such a lovely man.
05.02.2021 18:51:24 Mrs G K Brogden We should celebrate a life well lived, especially the last year, rather than mourn his passing. An inspirational man. We will miss him. Instead of flowers, I have donated to his Foundation at, which I think he would prefer.
05.02.2021 17:17:32 Sarah Carter God Bless you Captain Tom. Thank you for all your charity work. Much love to your family.
05.02.2021 18:59:53 Donna Goggins A true inspiration. Rest in peace you wonderful man ❤
05.02.2021 18:52:58 Lawrence Edward Dunham I salute you Captain Sir Tom Moore. I lived through the Second World War and it’s through your courage then, as now, that we have all benefited. You have been, and will continue to be, an inspiration to the world. You have shown great devotion to duty and by your actions you have been taken to the hearts of millions of people. Rest In Peace.
05.02.2021 19:00:28 Claire Cornelius You stepped up and played your part when our country needed you, first during the war and then during the pandemic. Thank you for bringing hope and happiness to us all.
05.02.2021 18:56:41 Teresa Gudgion Its men like captain tom,who put the great in Britain. The nation has lost a national treasure. Thank you for your service to this country. RIP you amazing ,inspiring gentleman, You have our hearts, you will never be forgotten.
05.02.2021 18:58:51 Fay & Martin Emes A truly special gentleman who made a difference to so many lives and will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace.
05.02.2021 19:12:35 Sharon Johnson You have been an inspiration to so many and have given hope to many more. May you Rip. Tomorrow will be a good day x
05.02.2021 19:12:52 Luke Curtis May you forever be remembered Captain. Thank you for inspiring so many and for all you did.
05.02.2021 19:14:38 Wendy & Howard Burton Our heartfelt condolences go to the family and friends of Captain Sir Tom Moore. He was a light that shone in a dark time, bringing positivity and a show of strength. He will always be fondly thought of by those of us who, even though we never met him, were touched by his smile and graciousness.
05.02.2021 19:17:27 Valerie Moorbey Captain Sir Tom Moore Thankyou, you we’re an inspiration to us all, may you RIP.
05.02.2021 19:16:13 Susan Walker Dear Sir Captain Tom, I watched you in tears as you walked every day in your garden, I had tears in my eyes when I realised why you was doing it, I had tears in my eyes when I saw what you had achieved for our NHS I had tears in my eyes when I watched our Queen give you your knighthood, and then I had not just tears bit a flood of tears when I heard that you had passed away, but you said tomorrow will be a good day and now my tears have now stopped, I will never forget you ,you're in a nation's heart
05.02.2021 19:15:44 Nova Davies just wanted to say farewell to a lovely gentleman who always had a smile and a cheeky twinkle in his eyes for every one. He will be missed a lot and remembered here in Beds and across the world RIP
05.02.2021 19:22:16 Jennifer Hobbs Rest in peace Sir Captain Tom. Thank you for everything you did not just for the NHS but for Marston Moretaine village and for the nation. You lifted our spirits when we really needed them lifting and brought us hope. Your family are in our thoughts and prayers and you will always be in our hearts. A soldier, a hero and now an angel. Thank you and God bless xx
05.02.2021 19:21:34 David D. Dupont To a true gentleman, remembered but not forgotten.
05.02.2021 19:16:01 Michelle Rodgers Captain Sir Tom Moore, thank you for inspiring us and for lifting our spirits in such a dark time. I hope your wonderful family take comfort in knowing how loved you were, may you rest in eternal peace.
05.02.2021 19:25:16 Rachel Hemmings and Daniel Twigg Captain Sir Tom.... what an incredible inspiration you are. If the world was full of more people like you, it would be a much nicer place. Thank you for everything that you have achieved. You will always be remembered with big smiles.
05.02.2021 19:26:36 Richard Fuller For inspiring a nation. For showing that age is no barrier. For reminding us of British virtues and the value of family. Thank you, Sir Tom.
05.02.2021 19:26:21 Sherrie Pedley Captain Sir Tom, thank you. Thank you for uniting not only Bedfordshire but the world. A shining light during difficult times. You sir, will be remembered for your bravery, determination and heart of gold. Our children, our children's children and so forth, will remember the name Captain Sir Tom Moore with great pride. Thoughts are with your loved ones. May the nation carry them with care. May you rest easy now Captain. With love, The Pedley family.
05.02.2021 19:28:41 The Probert Family Thank you Captain Sir Tom Moore for inspiring so many throughout your life and especially in the last year. Our thoughts are with your family. RIP. With love from the Probert family, Harpenden. X
05.02.2021 19:30:05 Jackie Brace You will always be remembered. You touched so many hearts. Goodnight and God bless. 💙💙
05.02.2021 16:46:45 Joanna Barrett I would like to offer my sincere condolences to the family and friends of the wonderful Captain Sir Tom Moore. A proud Yorkshireman, a true Bedfordshire hero and a beacon of hope to us all during such difficult times. You were a angel sent to guide us through the dark days and we were so very fortunate to have had you to inspire us. Thank you for all you have done for our country, may you rest in peace.
05.02.2021 19:32:43 Derek Starling My sincere condolences to the family of Captain Sir Tom. I am sure he was overwhelmed with what he achieved in the last year of his life. He made such a difference to so many people, and quite rightly was honoured for his work. If only the present climate was not as it is and all the people could give him a good send off on his final journey. Rest in peace.
05.02.2021 19:38:29 Lonyin Chan To Captain Sir Tom Moore, we are forever in your debt for the hope, commitment, inspiration that you have given to everyone. You alone have achieved so much and showed such resilience in our time of need. May you bring out the best of us.
05.02.2021 19:39:30 Jean Halls A truly inspiring and admirable person whose actions created great good for the world, much missed by both those that only knew of him and all family and friends breathe easy Sir Tom.
05.02.2021 19:42:32 Bernadette Blackburn The late Captain Tom stole all of our hearts! What an inspiration! Now in Heaven’s sweet embrace. The most kind and lovable gentleman that ever walked on this earth. Rest in peace dear Captain Tom Moore. You will live with us forever!
05.02.2021 19:48:16 Kay Pedder Captain Sir Tom Moore - a true inspiration. May his family find comfort in knowing that he touched the lives of so many and may they be allowed some privacy to grieve in peace. RIP
05.02.2021 19:59:52 Kevin Lee Thank you Sir Tom for the shining example that you set us all during your life and most recently by giving inspiration to the whole nation during the first lockdown period.
05.02.2021 20:03:38 Freda Collins We were blessed to know such a gem, a guiding light for just a short time, but we are so much better off for it!
05.02.2021 20:05:47 Cathie Smith Thank you so much for your inspirational motivation and warm loving nature. Rest peacefully. You will always be remembered and admired by so many x
05.02.2021 20:06:14 Jacqueline Gates Captain Sir Tom was the most inspirational man, with the most positive attitude I have ever known. A beautiful soul with a wicked sparkle in his eye. You will be missed by so many people but you left this world a better place because of how you brought the country together and made us smile at a time when we had little to smile about.
05.02.2021 20:02:10 Christina McHenry Thank you for all you have done for the NHS with your fundraising. it was an amazing amount to raise. Your name Captain Sir Thomas Moore, will go down in history for all to see. May You Rest In Eternal Peace, and Be Remembered with a smile.....
05.02.2021 20:07:10 Helen Anderson Sir Tom, what a legend! You are an inspiration to us all and thank you for all you have done for us. I’ve never been prouder to be a born and bred Bedfordian. Rest in Peace X
05.02.2021 20:14:16 Royal British Legion - Henlow Branch Captain Tom will always be remembered as a very honourable man who lived life as it should be - right to the very end. He is a very sad loss to his family and to the country. He became part of so many lives and so many will remember him with affection.
05.02.2021 20:21:35 Samuel Holland Inspiring a nation isn’t something everyone can do. Let alone do when they are 99 years old...Now you’ve bypassed I just hope we remember you in the right ways, carrying on your legacy for future generations. May you RIP, Capt Sir Tom
05.02.2021 20:33:01 Andrew Selous MP A true hero and a true gentleman and an inspiration to us all. Thank you for all you did for others. You have inspired us to do the same.
05.02.2021 20:25:51 Mrs Linda Harrison He was only small with a heart of gold, but to us he was tall and so very bold. He was lent to us by God above, so a real, true Gentleman we could have. To bring love and laughter to this world, and to make certain his voice was heard. So let us remember his gift to us and remember his oath of love, peace and happiness to all of us. RIP Cap Sir Tom and know that your quest will carry on. God Bless you our friend. xxxxxx
05.02.2021 20:45:47 Paula Grayson Your determination, quiet resolve, modesty and gentle sense of humour showed how a true gentleman behaves. You set a remarkable example to us all. The NHS Charitable Trust donations which you inspired have provided tranquility rooms for exhausted nursing staff. You made a difference to so many lives.
05.02.2021 20:52:46 Claire Stapleton Thank you for your inspiration achievements and for lifting the Countries spirits when needed it the most. To a true hero and gentleman who will never be forgotten. May you rest in peace.
05.02.2021 20:54:07 Paul Francis John Mackin In memory of a man who more than once in his life came forward and showed us the way. A man who led from the front. A man who will be an inspiration for many generations to come. thank you sir.
05.02.2021 20:53:14 Elaine Holland You have been a joy to watch Sir Tom, your humbleness has been rewarded with so much love. You lifted the spirits of so many people in what has been extraordinary times. I truly believe you will be remembered for a very long time, not only missed by your family but now by so many more people R.I.P Sir Tom xx
05.02.2021 21:03:15 Kirsty Bell-Cooper Rest in peace Captain Sir Tom - fly high you are a Legend xx
05.02.2021 21:02:16 Sally and Patrick Williams Thank you Sir for your guidance and knowledge during such difficult times. You truly were an inspiration to us all. A proper gent as my mum used to showed such courage and determination throughout..a remarkable man..May you rest in eternal peace..xx
05.02.2021 21:06:01 Karen Neville You Sir were/are an absolute inspiration. Thankyou for your service to our country & all your efforts for the NHS. May you rest in eternal peace. Xx
05.02.2021 21:04:37 John MacPherson Rest in Peace Tom you were an inspiration to people around the world. Lest we forget.
05.02.2021 21:03:38 Sonia & Robin Ping Condolences to the family for the loss of a wonderful father and grandfather. He gave the whole country a lift when it was most need.
05.02.2021 21:17:19 Rachel Welbourn Sir CaptainTom may you rest in peace. You epitomise humanity, and have touched the heart of the world. I may not of met you, but I will never forget what you did for our country in a time of need. Bless you. My love to your family xxx
05.02.2021 21:15:06 Clare Ward My heartfelt condolences to Sir Tom's family. I hope they find enormous consolation in knowing that they will meet him again. Sir Tom's witness to hope really touched my heart. Sir Tom and his family are in my prayers.
05.02.2021 21:07:43 Sylvia Lorenzo Thank you Captain Sir Tom Moore, for your inspiration and determination when we, as a nation, needed it most. I didn’t get the pleasure of meeting you in person but felt the warmth and compassion you had as a person. Your fundraising for the NHS will go down in history as will you! You are truly our nations HERO and a true Gentleman, R.I.P Sir Tom. Thanks to you tomorrow will be a better day...❤️🌈
05.02.2021 21:17:34 Mark Luddington Such a Great job done so well with such pride. Most of us could only look on & watch with such admiration. England has lost another Great Hero - Now RIP Sir Tom x.
05.02.2021 21:21:57 Rita Kedge My heart goes out to the family of Captain Sir Tom Moore, he was an inspiration to the world, rest in peace
05.02.2021 21:21:09 Stephanie Dimmock Thank you Sir Captain Tom for giving us hope during a time where fear and worry spread like wildfire. You were like a beacon of light through the darkness and even though you have passed on, your light still shines bright through others and their charitable acts which you inspired. I wish your family and friends the sincerest of condolences.
05.02.2021 21:21:23 Jane Edgar Captain Sir Tom Moore you were a shinning light in an uncertain world. Your love and courage gave hope to many a worried heart. You truly were a lovely person who will be greatly missed. Such an inspiration who touched so many people. I know your light will continue to shine. Rest in peace.
05.02.2021 21:33:45 Sarah and Ian Giddings An amazing man who has left an amazing legacy. A man whose family can be very proud. Thank you Sir Captain Tom. You will never be forgotten. X
05.02.2021 21:34:52 Suzie Fryer I didn't know you personally but the amazing fundraising you did, gave me a glimpse into what an amazing man you were. RIP Capt Sir Tom Moore.
05.02.2021 21:42:55 Tina Williams Wonderful inspiring man, lots of amazing memories, rest in peace
05.02.2021 21:44:17 Irene Gibson May you rest in peace. You served you country in so many ways. You are a true hero who inspired so many in a time of fear and despair. Your message of hope helped so many. Tomorrow will be a good day.
05.02.2021 21:44:52 Pearl Butcher Tomorrow will be a good day
05.02.2021 21:53:31 Pat Ready You lifted the nation when no one else was doing so. You became endeared to us all with your positivity, humbleness and general outlook on life. You were a shining light in the dark times. May you rest in peace with those loved ones who passed before you. Love goes to your family who have the nations eyes on them at this sad time
05.02.2021 21:59:43 Sam Ancliff Sir Tom will live on as an inspiration for generations to come and his legacy will be the strength his generation had in their darkest hour, that he passed on to our generation in our darkest hour. Celer Et Audax
05.02.2021 21:53:43 Carol Walker Capt Sir Tom you were such an amazing, inspirational and truly wonderful man who , through your determination to make the world a better place, brought comfort, hope and strength to millions of people through the darkest days of Covid. Your wonderful legacy will live forever, as you’ve become a national treasure and a true hero who will continue to inspire us. May your beautiful soul be at eternal peace, reunited with those who you loved for all time. May your family be comforted by the love and prayers of the Nation who share their sadness at this difficult time. RIP you wonderful man xx
05.02.2021 22:01:35 Sue Howat Thank you sir Tom for being such an inspiration you have been a beacon of shining light in some very dark days and you always will be Thank you captain Sir Tom
05.02.2021 22:08:42 Philip and Helen Carter Sending all our thoughts and love to The Moore Family .
05.02.2021 21:54:38 MRS ROSEMARY PAYNE I would just like to say what a lovely man Sir Captain Tom was.He came into our lives at a time we all needed a pickup. What an amazing achievement he had raising all that money for the NHS.Eveyone will sometime in their live benefit from it. He had so much to give which has encouraged many others to do their part in fundraising.May his family get some peace in the knowledge that he was a happy and an amazing gentlemen. Three Cheers for Sir Captain Tom.
05.02.2021 22:12:28 Sandra Gaylor RIP Sir Tom. A true hero.
05.02.2021 22:14:23 Hemant Jariwala “There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone, their light remains.” [Anon.]
05.02.2021 22:20:53 Helen Putterill A great example. Sadly missed.
05.02.2021 22:12:53 Wendy & Steve Luff Thank you Captain Sir Tom Moore for the inspiration you have shown us to keep going, even when as a nation, times are so tough. Thank you for your positive mindset that is an example to us all. May you rest in peace & the wonderful legacy you have left will live on. Thank you to all the family for sharing your wonderful father & grandfather with us all. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
05.02.2021 22:37:16 Pearl Farr Rest in Peace, Captain Tom. You gave us hope and your words of wisdom inspired us all.
05.02.2021 22:42:25 Vivienne Smith I am so sorry to learn of your passing and am sending love and prayers to Captain Sir Tom’s lovely family. You were the most inspirational, caring,giving and optimistic man and gave the country hope when we had despair. Your words will be remembered “ tomorrow will be a good day” R I P
05.02.2021 22:56:05 Emma Murgatroyd Myself and my family are so sorry for your loss. We send our condolences to Captain Sir Tom's Family and Friends. He makes us all proud to be a bedfordians xx
05.02.2021 22:58:29 Paul Garnell I give thanks to God for Tom’s life, his generosity, compassion and inspiration. May he rest in peace and rise in glory+
05.02.2021 23:37:05 Deborah Parrott RIP A true hero.
05.02.2021 23:39:31 Catherine Heather Captain Sir Tom, you were a beacon of light in these desperate times. You brought joy, and hope to so many people. You are an inspiration, long May your legacy live on. Our thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones. Rest well. The Heather Family
05.02.2021 23:46:24 Shish Miah Thank you Sir. RIP.
05.02.2021 23:11:01 Angela Beardwell Sir Tom, what a wonderful kind and inspiring man you were. I never met you but felt like so many others, knew you. The impact you have had on so many people is remarkable, you will go down in history and our children’s children will all learn about you in their history lessons. Rest in peace Sir Tom we all love you and respect you so much. To his family, I feel your pain but you must take comfort in the knowing of what a wonderful man your Father and grandfather was and how so proud you must all be. Heaven has gained an angel. R.I.P
05.02.2021 23:46:15 Den Fensome Bless you, our own special warrior for the NHS. your outstanding achievement will never be forgotten. Your name will always put Bedfordshire on the hearts of many thousands of people around the world and your spirit will live for ever. We now have a true Angel to look up to.
06.02.2021 00:53:39 Debbie cohen Rhoades You stole our hearts and lifted a nation Rest in peace Captain Tom
06.02.2021 01:05:19 Anne Roberts Sir Tom has been a wonderful example to young and old .Having worked for the NHS as a Trained Nurse hands on from 1956 to 1996 in hospitals and then16 years collecting medical data for NHS research Sir Tom I call him Action. Man his performance and appreciation for our unique caring NHS has been amazing to have experienced and lifted our faith giving us new-hope during what has been a most difficult year God Bless all his family and May Sir Tom RIP .
06.02.2021 02:37:02 Kathleen Dean What an inspirational gentleman you were; always smiling & always joyful. You are testament that one person can make such a huge difference, to the lives of so many. You have left an amazing legacy of hope and optimism. Your family will miss you but oh my word what memories you have left them. Rest in peace Sir Tom, and deepest condolences to both your daughters and their families.
06.02.2021 05:02:16 Doug Healiss Thank you Sir Tom, for giving so much to our country in so many ways. You have been an inspiration to us all! We send our love and support to your family at this sad time xxx may you rest in peace xxx
06.02.2021 05:02:12 Sylvia Hollister Dear Sir Tom, my dad, James Fuge of Dunstable, Bedfordshire was an ardent admirer of you and your wonderful mission. Sadly, my beloved dad passed away on May 17 2020 at the age of 98. Although he did not die of COVID, he did die because of it. He had an ear infection that went untreated, because no doctor would come out and see him. He died of septicemia. My dad and I were very close, and I spoke to him twice a day, even though I live in America. Good bless your memory, and that of my dad. Sincerely, Sylvia Hollister, venice Florida, USA.
06.02.2021 05:52:48 Lisa Neal RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore. Our local hero, a national treasure and shining beacon of hope and positivity the world over. You’re incredible spirit will live on and be remembered for years to come. Thankyou Sir,and Goodnight. Sending condolences to all of Captain Toms family and friends xx
06.02.2021 06:43:53 Alice Reynolds , and sons, James and Luke Dempsey What an absolute legend you were, Sir Captain Tom. A true gentleman with a heart of gold. Always looking on the positive.. One of the last true English men. Who kept our country going from war to this horrid pandemic.. An inspiration to us all.
06.02.2021 06:46:42 Lucy Newbury Captain Sir Tom, A true inspiration to us all. So very sad to hear of your passing. The world has lost a true hero. Tomorrow may not be such a good day now that we have lost you. RIP
06.02.2021 07:00:42 Diana Baker Rest in Peace, Great Man.
06.02.2021 07:37:37 susan martin Myself and my partner would like to send our deepest sympathy to Sir Tom and his loving family at this very sad time, our thoughts are with you all at this very sad time, he was a wonderful man.
06.02.2021 07:43:23 Nikki Linford Rest in peace what you did for us all was amazing. You will be remembered forever x
06.02.2021 07:56:15 Ms Andrea hall A true inspiration to many. A man in a million his family must be extremely proud may he rest in peace and I hope many people follow in his footsteps always
06.02.2021 08:14:37 Eleanor Agent Captain Tom, you were an inspiration to many and kept us all feeling positive throughout a very difficult time. The amount of money raised for our healthcare system thanks to you will have made such a difference. Your legacy will live on for many years to come. Quite simply, you are the nation's hero. Rest in peace.
06.02.2021 08:08:03 John Seamarks Captain Sir Tommy Moore You were our inspiration walking 100 laps by your 100th birthday , sang ‘you’ll never walk alone’ to the Nation. I am sure there will be a place in heaven for you. Rest in peace you wonderful old boy.
06.02.2021 08:23:45 Heather Buxton-Hall Our loss, heaven's gain, Rest In Peace lovely gentle man now you are safely home x
06.02.2021 08:26:09 Laura Sherwood-King You bought hope, happiness and inspiration in dark days. You reminded us all of the grit and determination your generation showed in even darker days many years ago. Thank you Sir Tom for all the light you shone and the service you gave over 100 years. Rest in peace.
06.02.2021 08:52:37 Gillian Martin Rest in Peace Captain Sir Tom. Your amazing contribution to this fight will never be forgotten. You had a fantastic year xx
06.02.2021 08:51:24 Gayle Entwistle You inspired a nation, remembered round the world, from the young to the old you will be remembered. Rest in peace now x
06.02.2021 08:54:26 Joanna Hartland Captain Sir Tom Moore.... You have done wonders throughout your lifetime. This last year you have shown us hope, determination and that tomorrow WILL be a good day. You have been an inspiration to others around the world and have touched so many hearts. You will always be remembered, not only for the money you raised for the NHS but for the man that you were, and the father/ grandfather you were that was loved so much by your family. Rest easy now soldier, your duty here is done. Sleep well xx
06.02.2021 08:53:04 Barry Brown and Sally Brown A great gentleman and an inspirational person to us all,Tom did a great job,raising millions for The NHS. He also lifted our spirits during the lockdown.
06.02.2021 09:04:26 Nuala Williams RIP Sir Tom. A unique & special man who pulled a nation together. You are an inspiration to all. Fly high with the Angels 💙💙
06.02.2021 09:07:47 Danny Matthews An amazing inspiration to so many in a time of need. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with the world, when it would have been so easy to do nothing. You will not be forgotten.
06.02.2021 09:23:24 Joy Stock & Mr Hugley Thank you for being an inspiration to so many. You are one of the reasons I began fundraising in lockdown with my giant teddy bear called Mr Hugley. To date I’ve raised nearly £4000 for the Bedfordshire hospital charity. You will continue to inspire people as you made such an impression on this world. Thank you. From Joy age 10
06.02.2021 09:19:22 Amanda Boughton To Sir Captain Tom Moore you inspired us as your home town and world wide inspired millions of the public. I work for the NHS and would like to Thank you for all your support and passion towards the NHS in this pandemic. It makes me very proud to hear my young children quote how you helped saved the world for us and how you helped in the hard times of this pandemic. Rest in piece Sir Tom Moore you will be sadly missed and always remembered as a HERO x
06.02.2021 09:21:06 Katie M Wow! What a life, led with dignity, love and hope. Thank you for brightening another dark hour in our history and showing us that we can all make a difference. What a comfort to your family to know that in your final year the world got to know you and you got to experience some magnificent treats. Goodbye, Sir Tom and God bless you and yours. X
06.02.2021 09:23:35 Jill Turner-Webb Dear Sir Captain Tom. You were a true inspiration to our great nation during this pandemic. You shone light and hope on us all and your legacy will ensure we all carry some of that goodness and light with us forever more. I was honoured to help open thousands of you birthday cards at Bedford school where I work. It was truly overwhelming to see how many cards there were. I took my daughters in to help and it gave them something really positive to do in such a dark time. My condolences to your lovely family. Rest in peace.
06.02.2021 09:32:33 Jennifer and Anthony Fuller RIP Sir Tom you were such an inspirational person and we will all miss you.
06.02.2021 09:26:34 Shereen Rahwangi Dear Sir Captain Tom Moore Thank you for your optimism. Thinking of you restores our sense of humanity. You are our modern day saint, your light brightens all of our tomorrows.
06.02.2021 09:39:10 The Midgley Family Thankyou Captain Sir Tom, you inspired us, you cheered us, you united us and brought us great joy and pride. Your incredible spirit and kind, generous and humble nature, encouraged us all to follow your lead. We all feel better for having got to know you virtually. Your values have touched the hearts of all, young and old and we will be forever grateful. Thoughts and prayers to your wonderful family and thanks to them for letting us all get to know you a little. Sleep well Sir, you have left us a legacy that will live on always. Xxxx
06.02.2021 09:52:52 Colleen Thompson The World has lost a wonderful hero, rest in peace Captain Tom.
06.02.2021 09:53:37 Lisa strevens RIP Sir Captain Tom Thank you for all you did for our country You truly are a hero Sleep well Lisa xxx
06.02.2021 09:43:45 Shelly Crallan May you rest in peace, you will forever be remembered for your incredible achievements. You inspired us, gave us hope when the world felt hopeless and showed us we can achieve anything if we just try. Thank you Captain Sir Tom x
06.02.2021 09:56:30 John and Frances Hirst A wonderfully complete life which at the end gave great hope to so many. Tomorrow will always be better.
06.02.2021 09:58:17 Roger Rigby Thank You Sir Tom for raising our spirits during this dark time and giving us a portal to support our NHS people in their most difficult time.
06.02.2021 10:05:47 Mark Whitbread There is a special place for those that inspire hope in others, to be remembered for ever in name and deed.
06.02.2021 09:57:43 Cllr Patrick Solomon Deepest condolences to the family Wherever a beautiful soul has been there is a trail of beautiful memories. May the beautiful memories last forever . Rest in peace Captain Sir Tom Moore .
06.02.2021 10:05:51 Alan Thompson What a life you have lived: fought for your country,raised money for nhs have your own charity and auto biography an inspiration to everyone all over our beautiful county of Bedfordshire and the whole world. What a legend you are and forever will you live on in our memories hearts and your famous words "tommorow will be a good day"will also live in us all. Thank you for all you have done, you're a legend in my eyes and many others R.I.P Sir Captain Tom Moore gone but not forgotten ❤️
06.02.2021 09:53:22 Simon Kidd A beacon to many through times of such plight,your passing has extinguished this planets brightest light.R.I.P Sir
06.02.2021 10:11:31 Gina Giudice D'Alessandro Forever a legend, rest in peace Sir Tom, you will never be forgotten. 🙏🙏
06.02.2021 10:11:57 Linda Rothwell RIP Captain Sir Tom. You will always be remembered for your courage, strength and outlook on life. The NHS salutes you for all that you have done. Thoughts go out to the family such a great loss. Fly high with the angels.
06.02.2021 10:16:18 M Baker Thank you for sharing your inspirational father and grandfather with us. He set us all a wonderful example and we will not forget him.
06.02.2021 10:17:23 Sinéad Wilson Captain Sir Tom Moore. Thank you for all of your work for our country and for carrying our spirits with you through this awful pandemic. You gave everyone hope and encouraged so many people when we were at our lowest as a nation. You will be missed.
06.02.2021 10:19:55 Becky shaw Was so sorry to hear of your passing, Sir Tom. Great inspiration to young and old, thoughts are with your family at this time xx
06.02.2021 10:21:24 Fae Hodgkiss You are a true inspiration whose legacy will live on in all of us forever. We love you Sir Captain Tom RIP xxxx
06.02.2021 10:22:19 Jill Moubarak You were such an inspiration to us all especially last year when we were all at our lowest. But your wonderful words of encouragement and positivity lifted us all. You were an amazing warm, sincere, kind man. Sincere condolences to your amazing family. May you rest in peace, Captain Sir Tom. Forever in our hearts.
06.02.2021 10:24:19 Carole Maureen Curson May you rest in peace. You were and still will be an inspiration to all. God bless you sleep well.
06.02.2021 10:27:02 Salvatore Sciales Our condolences to all the family.
06.02.2021 10:29:05 Jeffrey Winrow Great guy, would have liked to meet him
06.02.2021 10:28:44 Sheila Bird Such a lovely man. Fought for his country and fought for the NHS never known a man so charming and confident and many people are now trying to follow you. Thank you for everything you have done Sir Tom from the bottom of my heart.
06.02.2021 10:26:21 Vicki Thomas RIP Captain Tom, you managed to give hope and inspiration to the country during a tough year. You had such a positive and giving nature and heaven has gained a true hero. You will be remembered always for your achievements. I will always remember your saying 'Tomorrow's going to be a good day'. You were a true legend. Thank you. ♥️
06.02.2021 10:35:05 Thomas family Go in peace, your job here is done and now, you have earned a well earned rest in eternity. In one year you have showed the rest of the world how a caring mind, a determined spirit and an optimistic outlook can change any situation. May your soul find its rightful place among the angels in heaven.
06.02.2021 10:32:59 Lesly and Bill Simms Dear Captain Sir Tom, You were such an amazing and inspirational gentleman who will live on in our memories and never be forgotten. Thank you. May you rest in peace with God's blessing.
06.02.2021 10:36:45 Charly Glass Dear Sir Tom, Thank you for bringing light to our country in our darkest of days. You truly are a very special man and you will always be remembered. Rest in perfect peace.
06.02.2021 10:40:32 ELIZA KERRY You kept us going through hard times. God bless
06.02.2021 10:44:02 Susan Johnston Thank you for your service and for showing us all that nothing is impossible. Rest in peace kind soul 💙
06.02.2021 10:45:51 The Georges Family, Bedford As you slowly continue your walk away from this earthly life into eternity, you can look back with pride at what you have achieved this last one year. The lessons you taught us, that a kind heart, a caring mind, a positive outlook proves no match to any pandemic. And even though the same enemy that you fought against, claimed you, you leave behind a legacy that allows millions to fight that fight with hope in their hearts. Go in peace.
06.02.2021 10:45:16 Jill Dian Izzard Well done Sir Tom - You have had an amazing and full life. Thanks you for all you did in raising so much money for The NHS.. Now rest peacefully
06.02.2021 10:49:27 Denise Murless Thank you so much for everything you did to make this world a better place! A true gentleman! Rest in peace. ❤️
06.02.2021 10:49:42 Dr S N Jacob A man of honour and whose fortitude and selflessness are examples to all.
06.02.2021 10:55:29 Tracy Cherry Such a beautiful and wonderful man you touched us all by your lack of selfishness and amazing courage.. what you have achieved is truely breath taking... RIP Sir Tom heavens gain our loss
06.02.2021 10:40:18 Jacky Smith SirTom You captured the heart of the entire nation. Doing 100 steps before you 100th birthday you are a inspiration to everyone . You will never be forgotten for what you done for the NHS. Thankyou sir tom now rest your weary legs REST IN PARADISE. SIR CAPTAIN TOM 💙💙💙
06.02.2021 10:58:12 Keith and Melody Jackson Captain Sir Tom Moore, a wonderful man who has been a beacon of light in an uncertain world. The world is a better place for his having been in it and less so at his passing. With sincere condolences to his family and friends.
06.02.2021 10:52:31 Christine Mash What a great man you were Sir Tom, a hero to be remembered for your contribution to Britain You fought for King and country and gave us the freedom to live our lives to the full and even in your later years still held that desire to help others through this troubled time. You will remain in my heart forever and always be a hero. God bless you Sir Tom and now it is time for you to rest in peace. ON BEHALF OF THE RBL Heath & Reach. Leighton Buzzard.
06.02.2021 11:04:36 Heather Robinson A true gentleman, whose positive attitude, modesty and resilience are an inspiration to us all. Rest in peace Sir Tom and thank you for reminding us what is Great about Britain. You and your family are in our thoughts.
06.02.2021 11:22:44 Catherine Beattie Captain Sir Tom Moore has been an inspiration to a lot of people. From his service during the war up until his last days he continued to serve his country. Rest in power!
06.02.2021 11:21:46 Valerie Buckley My family was very sad to hear of Sir Tom's passing. We send deepest condolences to his family and friends. Sir Tom was an inspiration to us all. He was like a Grandfather to the nation when we needed calm, encouraging us to be kind to one another and promising better days to come. Rest in peace. He will be sorely missed.
06.02.2021 11:28:47 Michael and Margaret Auld An inspirational and truly selfless gentleman,who will not be forgotten.
06.02.2021 11:23:04 Julie & Max Harris Captain Sir Tom Moore. An inspiration to us all. You helped to pick us up while we were at our lowest and we watched in awe as you walked and walked and never giving up. You can only be described as a hero and a gentleman and may you RIP and always be remembered. We salute your sir and will never forget you. x
06.02.2021 11:45:30 Dr William Riding Thank you.
06.02.2021 11:46:20 Pravin Parmar Captain Sir Tom Moore showed that age is not a barrier when you put your mind to something. He managed to capture not only the nation’s heart but the world's with his 100 laps in his daughter’s garden raising a substantial amount of money that was way beyond of what he had dreamed off. Our prayers and thoughts are with his family and may his soul now rest in eternal peace
06.02.2021 11:56:28 Claire Breed Rest in Peace Sir Captain Tom. Thank you for inspiring Bedfordshire and the nation when we were going through a challenging time. A WW2 hero and a Covid-19 hero. You will be missed, but we're glad you got to have 100 years. Sleep well. Claire, Mark and Clark x
06.02.2021 12:17:12 Cheryl Slater You were a inspiration to us all. And you will go down in history for what you have done for the NHS and other charities that were so close to your heart. You will be soneone that wil be rembered as a scholar and a gentleman RIP Tom. Cheryl from Flitwick in Bedfordshire.
06.02.2021 12:18:54 Perry Snell A truly inspirational man. May he rest in peace
06.02.2021 12:22:24 Bozena, Lewis and Zuzia Briggs It is so sad that Sir Captain Tom can't be with us anymore. Although we never met him, we feel like he was a member of our family, encouraging us, having a joke, showing by example how to reach goals, how to be humble and hopeful, and never say never. Thank you Captain Tom, we'll meet again. Rest in Peace.
06.02.2021 12:32:53 Enid Young What an absolute shining star, whose light will never diminish because of the wonderful legacy he bestowed on us in the Uk and on the world.
06.02.2021 12:40:22 Lois Griffiths An inspiration to young and old far and wide, your legacy will live on and tomorrow will be a good day x
06.02.2021 12:37:51 Kim Douglas Dearest Captain Sir Tom, your legacy will live on. You gave us all hope and inspiration and you were a shining light in these dark times. I bought your book for my Father and it will be handed down to our grandchildren with the story of how we were all affected by COVID-19. Rest in Peace Sir. You will be forever in our Hearts.
06.02.2021 12:49:24 Claire Dominy Thank you Captain Sir Tom, for everything you did for our country and once again inspiring a nation to good and to be kind. You will eternally live on in the hearts and minds of millions of people.
06.02.2021 12:59:52 Mary Lawlor Captain Tom With little steps you humbly walked into the hearts and minds of a nation. You will always be fondly remembered as a warm and selfless person who achieved something of an extraordinary magnitude. No matter how dark things seemed to be you lifted our spirits and through your inspiration, encouraged us to believe that Tomorrow will be a Good day. Your work is done - a lasting legacy so rest peacefully. God Bless you Captain Sir Tom Moore and a very much heartfelt thank
06.02.2021 13:12:47 Pearl Dowty Forever in our prayers. You will never be forgotten Sir Tom. Thank you. Our thoughts are with your family.
06.02.2021 13:16:43 John Myers A true hero, rest in peace Sir Tom
06.02.2021 13:24:31 Daisy Kelly - Marston Moreteyne resident Sending all my love to all the family, it's a very difficult time but Sir Tom did incredible things, everyone is very proud of him x
06.02.2021 13:24:09 Darryl Brookman Your optimism and fervour for life got us all smiling inside and out. Thank you Sir Tom
06.02.2021 13:24:51 Brenda Bell Sir Tom, you touched so many hearts with your persistence, positivity and outlook on life and inspired many others like me to undertake challenges of their own. Who did not shed a tear at your passing?
06.02.2021 13:40:54 Keith A Parrock Sir Tom, you were put on this Earth for a reason, and you carried it out to the full. Thank you. RIP.
06.02.2021 13:44:57 Gary Sturrock, Leagrave Scout Group. Luton. Thank you. Rest in peace.
06.02.2021 13:41:33 St Augustine’s Scout Group Rest in Peace. Captain Sir Tom a true Hero and a Gentleman
06.02.2021 13:58:00 Patricia and Jim Wright You was an inspiration to us all. We always looked forward to seeing you on the news.our thoughts are with your family.may you rest in peace.
06.02.2021 14:04:32 Alison Winskell You were an inspiration to us all during this difficult time and we are so sorry that you are gone. Our thoughts are with your family at this difficult time. They must be so proud to have had you in their family
06.02.2021 14:00:03 Anona Allen Remembering Captain Tom, The Eternal Optimist who lifted and united the nation in these difficult times, Tomorrow will be a better day.
06.02.2021 14:02:31 Grace Rickwood Thank you Sir Captain Tom Moore for you excellent service. You have changed the way we look at life and we know that in the end it is worth it. Rest In Peace Sir Captain Tom Moore xx
06.02.2021 14:12:10 Denise Rickwood Thank you Captain Sir Tom, for the all you did to spread hope and joy in these difficult times.Rest in peace.
06.02.2021 14:20:08 Julia Burgess Captain Tom, We salute you Sir! Your inspiration, dedication & determination has captured the hearts of the nation & beyond. Your journey has now come to an end, but your legacy & achievements live on. You can now stand down, for your work on earth is done & your glory will shine on forever. Thank you for your generosity of spirit. You are the nation’s HERO! God bless you & your lovely family ❤️❤️❤️
06.02.2021 14:30:24 Esposito Family Rest in deserved peace granddad to all of us. Tomorrow WILL be a good day
06.02.2021 14:30:35 Carol J Hopper You were such an inspiration to so many Captain Sir Tom. I want to express my thanks for all that you have done for your country and for others and to extend my sympathies to your family and friends who will I am sure miss you greatly.
06.02.2021 14:31:02 Barry David Pearce Cometh the hour cometh the man; a knight, not with sword or trusty steed, but with kindness and caring We will never forget him.
06.02.2021 10:03:52 Marion and John Wallace and the Wallace Family Thank you Captain Sir Tom for your inspirational life and sparkling optimism. You are a refreshing light of hope in a world of gloom and despair. What a wonderful example you are - Every little helps, keep going steadily forward one foot in front of the other, thinking of others instead of being trapped in selfish terror. Calm, common sense when all around you are struggling to cope with the terrible pandemic virus. Your beacon of hope will continue to burn for a very long time. We are extremely grateful to you and will remember your phrase - 'Tomorrow will be a better day. '
06.02.2021 14:46:31 Gillian coon You are an inspiration to so many Sir Tom , you will never walk alone Thoughts with all your family , rip sir .
06.02.2021 14:40:18 Paul Anthony Chapman You became a leading light in just under twelve months yet so many people would have gladly followed you your life. It ended so quickly but before you left you set the bar so very high I hope some one can come along and reach it
06.02.2021 14:47:02 Caroline Hudson To Captain Sir Tom Moore, you are a true inspiration, encapturing all our hearts and all that is good. We send love to your family, they must be so very proud. xx
06.02.2021 14:54:57 Thomas Abrey To Captain Sir Tom Moore, your work brought a small glimmer of hope at a time where it was sorely needed and inspired a nation to come together. You will be sorely missed, may you rest in peace .
06.02.2021 14:54:05 Julia Lintott The qualities that we always knew our nation had in times of trouble; steadiness, courage, thought for others, innovation and optimism. All shown in you, Captain Sir Tom. We were proud to know you and we will miss you. Condolences to your family.
06.02.2021 14:59:45 Jacqueline Arzu Rest in peace Sir Tom .
06.02.2021 14:50:55 Kevin Jonathan Hunter Captain Sir Tom Moore, You inspire me to be a better human with a more positive outlook. You inspired a nation when we were on our knees in lockdown#1. You inspired the whole planet with your polite, deep, strength of character. I am reading your autobiography and slowly, as I don’t want to finish it, I know what happens beyond the end of the book. Your spirit will live on in the lives changed, monies raised and with the Captain Tom Foundation. Godspeed.
06.02.2021 14:59:24 Sharon O'Neill Thank you Captain Sir Tom. You were so inspirational. A true hero. May I and others follow in your steps. Never to be forgotten. xxx
06.02.2021 15:00:13 Suzanne Fowler He was a shining beacon for us through a very dark time. Shine bright in heaven Captain Tom. RIP.
06.02.2021 15:13:10 Sandra Pickering Captain Sir Tom Moore what a wonderful man you were. What you have achieved is just remarkable. You will never be forgotten. R.I.P.
06.02.2021 15:07:31 Terry and Amanda Ash We never knew Sir Tom personally, only through the media coverage, but he came across as a genuine man with sincere feelings for his fellow man. and someone who wanted to give something back for the life he had enjoyed throughout his 100 years. We admired his humility for the result of his fundraising achievement, and it was probably that which appealed to people and promoted the national admiration towards him. Sincere condolences to all his family. Let's hope that tomorrow will be a good day. Goodnight Sir Tom
06.02.2021 15:20:03 The Dawes' Family Thank you Captain Sir Tom for giving us hope and joy in what was such a dark time. We can only dream of some of the wonderful things you have done throughout your lifetime. What a treasure you are. Rest in Peace. Tomorrow will be a better day! Xx
06.02.2021 15:48:49 Malcom John Osler Great Bloke R.I.P.
06.02.2021 15:45:44 Alan and Grace Hughes Always be remembered for the hope he brought to us and the country when we needed it .RIP
06.02.2021 15:52:54 Stuart Goosey What an inspiration to everyone in this very difficult year. May you rest in peace for legacy you have left.
06.02.2021 15:59:38 Amy Clews My thoughts and deepest sympathies are with your family during this difficult time. You inspired so many during lock down to keep going, raised awareness, lifted morale and brought smiles to faces. Rest in peace Sir Tom. Yours in Scouting, Amy Clews
06.02.2021 16:03:53 Rita Pepper Fly high Sir Tom, there will never be another you God Bless, Rita and Nick and family xxxx
06.02.2021 16:04:33 Anni Berman You were a shining star in the hardest of times. We will miss your gentle wisdom and kind heart. Thank-you for everything you did, not just in your last few months, but throughout your life. Rest in Peace, Captain Sir Tom.
06.02.2021 16:05:23 Juliette fountain Dear Captain Tom, may you rest in eternal peace and thank you for all that you have done in your life for others, you are a true inspiration to everyone and will be greatly missed by many, old and young.
06.02.2021 15:53:37 Michael Anthony Field He even looked as though he was enjoying himself when he was doing his hundred laps of the garden We shall miss that smile.
06.02.2021 15:53:35 Susan Stretton May you rest in peace dear Captain Tom. We all loved you and took you to our hearts. You made Bedford very proud . I wish I could have met you. Sleep tight you lovely man xx
06.02.2021 16:14:52 Karen pettit Captain Sir Tom Moore. What a shining light has been extinguished. Your can-do spirit, your determination in the face of our current enemy and your wonderfully positive attitude spoke to the entire nation. You were nothing short of amazing. R.I.P Captain Tom.
06.02.2021 16:30:05 Sue Munday Captain Sir Tom you kept Britain's spirits up, now you can rest.
06.02.2021 16:31:01 Ann Hooks Remembering you. I will not forget your actions and how you motivated everyone wherever they were. Rest in Peace
06.02.2021 16:28:40 Linda Penney What an inspirational man: a true gentleman who showed the best human qualities. My condolences to his family who will miss him greatly but who I hope will keep in mind his mantra ‘Tomorrow will be a good day’. I know I will.
06.02.2021 16:34:49 Lee Robinson A true G(reatest) O(f) A(ll) T(ime)!
06.02.2021 16:37:15 Barbara Lincoln RIP Sir Tom, you was an inspiration to us all a true gentleman you now have your wings in heaven. 💙
06.02.2021 16:42:42 Diane Buck & family God bless Sir Tom and rest in eternal peace.
06.02.2021 16:41:07 Robert Stretton A wonderful person who has changed the world in so many words. Rest in peace Captain Tom.
06.02.2021 16:57:03 Mrs. E.M. Riding What a fantastic example of "true grit" to us all.
06.02.2021 17:00:48 Emma B-M An inspiration to us all. RIP 🕯 🙏🏻 🕊 🌹
06.02.2021 17:05:45 Susanne von Wartburg Men like you are not born any more these days... sleep well Sir Tom. My thoughts are with your family in these sad times.
06.02.2021 17:02:32 Lucy Smetham We will never forget you, a true hero to my boys and you help lift spirits through something that was so hard for so many being only a village away we got to celebrate your birthday with you we got to celebrate every step you toke was so brilliant to share it with my children , not only have you already served are country and helped towards giving myself and my children the freedom that we have today but you then when you could of been hiding away and just taking things easy you used every last force you have within to help our country once again, I'm so gutted this horrid disease got you , for my family and in my eyes you will always be remembered and always have a place in our thoughts. God bless you and your soul and god bless your family.
06.02.2021 17:01:38 Anne Davis Captain Sir Tom Moore was an inspiration to many. His positivity, cheerfulness and words of wisdom - "tomorrow will be a good day" shone through and captivated and inspired people in the UK and round the world . He will be very much missed. Our thoughts are with his family at this very sad time.
06.02.2021 17:45:13 Colonel Andrew Every On behalf of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Army Cadet Force I would like to say Thank You. You were such an inspiration to the Adults and Cadets, you showed compassion for others, a sense of humour and the ability to reach out to all people whatever their background, religion, or race. You will be missed
06.02.2021 17:46:28 Revd Diana Young Sending sincere sympathies from the Parish of St Michael's Woburn Sands. We are grateful for Captain Sir Tom's inspiration to us all.
06.02.2021 17:53:56 Mrs A Cracknell Thank you for the chance of having known you. Your bravery and determination touched so many lives. May you be at peace.
06.02.2021 18:01:02 Chris Handley Capt Sir Tom, You made a difference like nobody else before you. Thank you
06.02.2021 17:58:48 Roopmala Krishnan Dear Capt. Sir Tom Moore. Thank you for instilling kindness,respect,honour,and a vision for tomorrow when things look bleak. You reminded me of my late dad. When you died it was like loosing him again..Sending my love to your family.RIP
06.02.2021 17:52:02 Lisa Guiness He inspired the nation with his optimism and strength of character, lifting our spirits at a time of national crisis. He was our hero, we need more like him. His loss brings great sadness to many and I'd like to pass on my heartfelt condolences to his family and loved ones.
06.02.2021 18:21:43 Pete Sarad Dear Captain Sir Tom, You will be an everlasting inspiration. Thank you for helping so many people with your positivity, bravery and kindness. God Bless You.
06.02.2021 18:34:49 Emma Mellett Captain Sir Tom, what can I say. You put our lovely little village on the map. You are a true gentleman and you are right, tomorrow will be better. Thank you for being an amazing hero. RIP
06.02.2021 18:34:15 Melanie Marshall His goodness shone so brightly from all we now know he did throughout his well deserved long life. 🙏 RIP.
06.02.2021 18:45:09 Jodie McGolpin Thank you for all that you did last year to raise finds for our beloved NHS. You will be remembered and spoken about for a long time to come. May you rest in peace. Thank you, The McGolpin family, Wootton.
06.02.2021 18:47:22 Jose F Tamayo Cuadrado My condolences to the family. Now Sir Tom Moore is interceding up there for all of you, for all of us. And how we need it. Sir Tom Moore is such an inspiring person for all of us.
06.02.2021 19:01:11 Tony Dawson RIP Captain Tom, you were a true gentleman and a true brit. You were an absolute star. Condolences to your family. Your loss is greater than most will ever realise. Rest in peace and have a well deserved rest.
06.02.2021 18:53:33 Jaswinder Kumar President Sri Guru Ravidass Sabha Bedford You inspired us all to go extra miles. We learn lots from you. You will be in our hearts all the time. You was our National and Bedfordshire Hero. R.I.P. Sir Tom.
06.02.2021 19:15:36 John and Marian Cook We followed with pride each day as you achieved your goal and more. We are proud of you. Rest in peace.
06.02.2021 19:39:15 Mrs Christine Widd Deep peace of the running wave to you Deep peace of the flowing air to you Deep peace of the quiet earth to you Deep peace of the shining stars to you Deep peace of the gentle night to you Moon and stars pour their healing light on you Deep peace of Christ, the light of the world to you. Deep peace of Christ to you
06.02.2021 19:53:59 Suzanne Robinson Such a sad loss will be sadly missed but leaves a message to us all anything is possible and never give up , all the Royal Mail postal workers in Marston sorting office .
06.02.2021 20:24:52 Mrs Alice Guy Captain Tom, thank you for what you did for our country and a huge thank you for being you. My disabled son has wacthed every step you took in the lock down and you are his hero we didnt know how he would cope with being at home in his wheelchair but you brought the sun out in my son he went on you tube and he says there's our captain tom my hero so rest in peace your a very special man. My disabled son doesnt understand that you haven gone to heaven but somewhere down the line it will hit him that your not there fly high with the angels you wonderful man xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
06.02.2021 20:34:27 Tabeth Phiri Rest in Peace Captain Sir Tom Moore.
06.02.2021 20:29:03 Chris Dodds Rest in peace Captain Sir Tom. Respect.
06.02.2021 20:39:32 Amanda Cook Proud to have lived in the next village to you, incredible man, the kindest soul with the most positive outlook on life. You will always remain one of the only good things to have been discovered in 2020. Rest in peace now flower, you have done the world good x
06.02.2021 20:40:42 Emily Degnan Sir Captain Tom, you inspired the nation and kept us all going. Thank you for the support you have given to our amazing National Health Service. You will be truly remembered in our hearts for the rest of our lives. Rest in Peace x
06.02.2021 22:07:44 Tracey Murrell Captain Sir Tom, thank you so much for all that you have done. You gave us hope, made us proud and have inspired a generation. We salute you RIP
06.02.2021 22:15:19 Yvette van Yperen Every time I checked the amount you raised I actually cried tears of happiness. I shared almost every update with my family in The Netherlands, but didn’t really have to because everyone there was already aware. Radio presenters were talking about you and you were on the news a lot. I felt so proud to be able to say that I lived so close to you even though we never met. You have inspired so many people around the world. Thank you so much for keeping me going. May you rest in peace. Yvette
06.02.2021 22:33:50 C&L Gill Thank you for everything you did. Rest in peace.
06.02.2021 22:57:10 Holly Ochiltree Thank you for being a shining light throughout a difficult year in 2020 and showing us that our best years might be still yet to come. Tomorrow will be a good day! Rest well Captain Tom x
06.02.2021 23:01:10 Dr. Ankur Khandelwal Thank you for lifting society. Hero.
06.02.2021 23:21:25 Gordon and Anne Campbell Thank you for everything you’ve done. A long life well lived!! RIP Sir Tom
06.02.2021 23:21:28 Karen Klein Will alway be remembered for what you did for the NHS in the pandemic your where a true gentleman caring for others during your life rest in peace Sir Captain Tom
06.02.2021 23:43:13 Laura Sparham RIP Sir Tom. You've been a huge inspiration to so many across your life time and this past year even more so. You shared love & hope when things were uncertain. My children enjoyed following your story last April, they sent you birthday cards for your 100th birthday and they read your book to each other of an evening. Thank you for being a shining light in the middle of the storm. You will always be a hero. Rest in peace.
06.02.2021 23:45:07 Christine Harvey Captain Sir Tom you were an inspiration to us all. May you live in eternal peace with your beloved wife. Tomorrow will be a good day for you too. You will be loved and missed forever.
07.02.2021 00:47:01 Don Thank you Captain Tom all hard work.l will miss you.Take care.Peace in heaven.
07.02.2021 06:51:26 Simbarashe Mtarangani May your Loving soul Rest in peace. Thank you for your kind heart and great work
07.02.2021 07:37:48 Sarah Appleton A hero in the truest sense of the word, what an inspiration.
07.02.2021 07:31:32 Charles Heaney When we were all struggling, you asked not what your country would do for you, but what you could do for your country. May you rest in peace.
07.02.2021 08:00:07 Agnes and David Heaney He was a great man ,and he has inspired all of us .
07.02.2021 07:58:53 Emma Susan Moore I adored you from the first moment I saw you and wishedy that you could be my Grandfather. Thank you for your inspiration and words of wisdom. Sleep tight x
07.02.2021 08:02:33 Louise Crofts You were an inspiration and an example of everything that is right in this world. I didn't know you personally but I felt a deep sadness at your passing. I know your family will be devastated at the moment but I hope they can take some comfort in the wonderful memories you have given them. Thank you for everything you have done recently and earlier in your life. RIP Sir Captain Tom x
07.02.2021 08:09:32 Glenda Shaw Captain Sir Tom you really were amazing inspirational and a True Hero. Thank you for all what you done in WW2 and for the NHS. You will always be Remembered in our hearts. Tomorrow will be a Good Day. God Bless Captain Sir Tom may you sleep in peace. ♥️♥️😢
07.02.2021 08:55:42 Ian McCartney Forever in our hearts. Y(ou'll) N(ever) W(alk) A(lone) . Rest peacefully now.
07.02.2021 08:59:51 Ruth Sherwood What an amazing gentleman, rest in peace Sir Tom. The Sherwood family
07.02.2021 09:27:31 Sally Cripsey Thank you Sir Tom for your indomitable spirit and for encouraging and inspiring us when we needed it most
07.02.2021 09:33:32 Paul Delarue Such an inspiration, a bit of the best of humanity passed when you did. Thoughts very much with the family. You should all be so proud to have had him in your life. RIP.
07.02.2021 09:49:37 Fiona McDougal You were a total inspiration and gave us hope.
07.02.2021 10:15:08 Fabiana Santoro Thank you for being our light in such dark times. May you rest in peace❤️
07.02.2021 10:14:06 Jackie Garrett Thank You for your service to this country both in the forces and raising money for the NHS you have given twice in your life . You have earned your wings Sir Tom may you rest in peace . Thank you for our freedom and lifting the country at a time when we needed it. THANK YOU xx
07.02.2021 10:17:11 Dominic Hodges You have shown the Nation repeatedly to never give up and inspired us all in challenging times. Thank you Captain Sir Tom Moore. RIP.
07.02.2021 10:26:48 Susan Joan Amor Captain Tom was a true inspiration to us all and will live on for generations to come. RIP Captain Tom
07.02.2021 10:47:09 Lawrence family We are so sorry for your loss, sending love and prayers to all of Sir Captain Tom’s family.
07.02.2021 09:20:05 Anne Bell Thank you Captain Tom. You are an inspiration. Rest in Peace. Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time; From “A Psalm of Life” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)
07.02.2021 10:59:11 Paul and Diana Snook Thank you for all you have done during your lifetime. Sending condolences to the family. Paul and Diana Snook. (formerly of Marston)
07.02.2021 11:21:02 amanda stupple Thoughts with your family at this very sad time you were a hero in our family's eyes. My disabled daughter loved to see you and cheer you on. Rest in peace god bless
07.02.2021 11:23:59 Zoe Simms Captain Tom, through your humility and spirit you gave hope and cheer to a nation and beyond. Your family can be very proud of the legacy you leave for us all. Tomorrow WILL be a good day.
07.02.2021 11:18:25 Lorraine Boutwood Captain Tom I only knew of you for a short period of time . You kept the nation going throughout the Covid pandemic. You had been an inspiration to us all . You were unique. It is so very sad that you have gone with the angels and won't be here to see us out the other side . Well done on all your achievements, you have certainly left a lasting legacy behind. I hope your family find comfort from the love & kindness you have shared with us all. RIP I will never forget you.
07.02.2021 11:46:13 Danielle A true hero, thank you for everything you did!
07.02.2021 11:43:59 jane gray He was such an inspiration for everyone - when we needed it the most. A genuine humble man from the old school who gave us all hope when we needed it. My heart goes out to his family - but what a legacy he has left.
07.02.2021 11:57:54 Diane Hyde Capt Sir Thomas Moore made the world a better place he made people. When 5 year old Tony who lost both his legs as a baby saw Capt Tom he said I can do that never have walked before. Tony did walk and it was struggle he raised millions for the hospital who saved him . When Tony was asked about Capt Tom he said he was my hero I will never forget him and I will always try my best they are two special people R.I.P
07.02.2021 11:55:08 Rajesh Sondh Major Tom was a great inspiration and a hero to everyone, he touched people's hearts with his dedication and passion during the Covid Pandemic. The millions of pounds he raised for charity was an amazing fete of strength, resolve and character. A true legend, Icon and hero to all.
07.02.2021 12:23:08 John Radford Sir Captain Tom, what a phenomenal Man, inspirational, motivational, the best thing that come from a bad year!!! You truly will be missed x
07.02.2021 12:57:29 Catriona Bradshaw Captain Sir Tom Moore, you were an inspiration and beacon of light and hope during the dark days of 2020. Your memory and achievements will forever live on. Thank you for all you did in bringing the nation together in the most difficult of times. Your legacy will live on.
07.02.2021 13:28:21 Mark Baillie A valiant, resilient and cheerful man: a hero in the full sense of the word and a remarkable example to anyone of any age, background or nationality.
07.02.2021 13:38:49 Julie Findlay I felt that Sir Tom was a member of my own family and he will be sorely missed. I will remember him for "Tomorrow will be a better day". What a lovely man.
07.02.2021 13:19:40 David Straughan As President of the Rotary Club of Flitwick Vale of which Captain Sir Tom was an Honorary member I would like, on behalf of all the members, to send the club's sincere condolences to Hannah and the family. The Rotary Club's motto is Service Above self and Captain Sir Tom certainly achieved this in his fund raising activities for the NHS. Rest in peace Captain Sir Tom - you will live in everyone's hearts and minds forever
07.02.2021 13:59:17 Siobhan Harris A truly inspirational man. Thank you for all you have done for our wonderful NHS and the spirits of our nation. Rest In Peace, Captain Tom.
07.02.2021 14:15:56 Sheila Holt I would like to echo the words of the written prayer - for peace and comfort for Sir Tom's family and an awareness in all of us to follow his example in investing in the value of everyone we meet. Thank you Sir Tom.
07.02.2021 14:13:29 Stephanie Pither and Ian Pither Captain Sir Tom was an Inspiration to us all when all we could think about was the virus, he brightened our day and gave us something else to think about. The amount he raised was incredible but he could not have done any of it without the loving support of his family, in particular Hannah who was a tower of strength, always smiling beside him when she must have felt exhausted. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all..
07.02.2021 14:32:34 Tom Doyle Your did amazing things during life Sir Tom but your fund raising efforts were outstanding. Your will be remembered for a long time. There will be better times to come. Rest in peace.
07.02.2021 14:39:51 Naomi Pither Rest in peace Captain Tom, you inspired many xx
07.02.2021 14:50:54 Jacqueline Parkins RIP to a lovely man
07.02.2021 14:50:46 Caroline Haddow The whole world lost a hero with the passing of a real gentleman
07.02.2021 14:46:01 Philip Jelfs. It’s sad that he’s no longer with us, on the plus side his last few years on the planet were nothing short of remarkable, coming from breaking his hip to raising £35 million plus for the nhs charities, to being knighted. A true hero with a very good sense of humour, We need more people in this world like you Sir Tom. RIP
07.02.2021 15:10:02 Julie Sumner Such a remarkable man. Rest In Peace and love always. You shall be very fondly remembered.
07.02.2021 15:45:56 jan rest in peace lovely man.x
07.02.2021 16:30:08 Katina Doyle RIP Captain Sir Tom. What an inspiration to everyone. What a lovely man.
07.02.2021 13:27:22 Kam. Dhillon MBE Captain Sir Tom Moore truly deserves the recognition of the nation. Commitment and dedication in the service of others is indeed a life well worth living. At a time when most give up, having already served the nation in his younger days, he became a beacon of hope for all across the globe. For the young, the old and those of all religions beliefs and backgrounds-for humanity. He has well and truly brought Bedfordshire to the recognition of, not just the nation but, the world! Our thoughts and prayers are with Captain Sir Tom Moore and the family.
07.02.2021 17:26:26 Catherine & Geoffrey Farr Rest in Peace, Sir. Tom. Your modesty, determination and optimism has been a beacon of hope to us all.
07.02.2021 18:18:06 Joanne Long Thank you for your positivity and inspiration which made the dark days brighter. As an NHS Nurse, I truly thank you xx
07.02.2021 18:48:27 Sarah Heaney Your life and the spark you lived your life with inspired millions of people around the world. I live in Hawaii and I hope that I can embody a bit of your spirit. You inspired and you will be missed.
07.02.2021 19:04:07 Joanne Gardiner You showed the world that tomorrow would be a good day when we were all at a low. Your love and determination for life shone through the experiences you had over the past year and unselfishly shared with the world. You are an inspiration to everyone young and old, a great national treasure, you will shine for many decades to come. Thank you for lighting up our world when we needed it most. Love and thoughts to your family x
07.02.2021 19:04:16 Zelda Inskip Dear Tom, you are a true treasure within our community, showing us your resilience, determination, courage and being so gracious, during this most recent pandemic and throughout your life facing war and many other adverse situations. We are proud that you are one of our own, and that you have been recognised for all you did over the years by so many. You are such an inspiration. RIP x.
07.02.2021 19:29:03 Barbara Doyle Thank you for your smiles and optimism to cheer us up.
07.02.2021 19:31:44 Katharine Reedy You were truly the hero of the hour Sir Tom - thank you for lifting our spirits and inspiring us to acts of kindness. We all miss you and send our deepest condolences to your close family and those who knew you well. Katharine and Frank Reedy (Leighton Buzzard)
07.02.2021 19:39:49 Angela Hennessy His like is rare. A wonderful asset to humanity R.I.P
07.02.2021 20:17:35 Wg Cdr Edward Jones RAF(Ret'd) Your care for others inspired more than you could ever know. Rest in peace, old soldier.
07.02.2021 20:19:37 Mr & Mrs Kenneth Charles Pollard, Deputy Mayor, Shefford Town Council Sir Tom, We salute you, our hero, thank you for your modesty and inspiration rest in peace, a life well spent Sir.
07.02.2021 22:53:24 I Rosemary Ruvolo Captain Sir Tom you was a great inspiration to us all, you will never be forgotten. R.I.P X💙🙏🏻
07.02.2021 22:44:06 Ellen Pagliaro Thank you, Captain Sir Tom Moore, for awakening us to our full potential, for all you did for others in your long life of service, for bringing a smile to our faces and a warmth in our heart. May you rest in peace.
07.02.2021 23:32:54 Jaypreet Rathore You were an inspirational leader that lit up the hearts of the nation. You brought us all hope in times of great despair. You motivated the country to contribute to the NHS. You were knighted Sir Tom Moore and met The Queen, all graciously at the age of 100. May you be an inspiration for the generation of today and tomorrow. May they lead with your example. May you now rest in blissful peace.
08.02.2021 00:11:51 Catherine Jane Foad I was deeply saddened to hear of your passing. May god rest your beautiful soul fly high with the angels tomorrow is another day xx
08.02.2021 07:15:27 Catherine Edmunds I just wanted to say thank you reminding us all that no matter who we are and where we come from and how little we think we have to offer we can still achieve great things. You have been an inspiration to those young and old and we will treasure those memories.
08.02.2021 07:49:54 Nigel Green Captain Sir Tom, you make me feel proud to have witnessed you fantastic achievements, particularly in the last year when the nation needed it. Sincere condolences to all your family and friends. RIP.
08.02.2021 08:21:57 Carole Nash Thank you Captain Sir Tom, for putting a smile on my face every time I saw or heard you, for all you did for all of the charities and for your sense of humour and positive attitude. You will live on in our hearts and never be forgotten. RIP x
08.02.2021 08:51:58 Maggie Fuller RIP Sir Tom - sleep well Sir
08.02.2021 08:52:21 Dr. Peter J. Skelly Rest in Peace. You gave us hope in a dreadful time,
08.02.2021 08:54:48 Debbie Ann Dashwood Sir Tom, What an inspiration you were to so many and you touched the heart of a nation! Was so saddened to hear of your passing but know that you will become such a historic figure for many years to come and your memory will go on! Rest in peace dear Sir Tom.
08.02.2021 08:53:37 Ian Titman, Mayor of Ampthill You were like everyones Grandad. Condolences to your family. RIP
08.02.2021 09:00:49 Trevor Blanks Rest in peace sir TOM
08.02.2021 09:05:41 Karen and Keith Gosling RIP Captain Tom. You will be an inspiration for generations to come.
08.02.2021 09:11:26 Mrs Pamela Green An honourable gentleman with a big heart. God Bless you.
08.02.2021 10:29:00 Esther Edun You showed us that it is never too late to give back to community
08.02.2021 10:28:39 Chris Sharwood-Smith HM Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire You were an inspiration to a nation in its hour of need, rest in peace now.
08.02.2021 10:43:42 Elizabeth Ruth Bean In loving memory of Sir Captain Tom Moore who was an inspirational person. He made me smile every time he spoke, he always was thinking of others before himself and brought a ray of sunshine during this difficult covid-19 pandemic. So many people, children, included, went on to raise money for different charities inspired by his determination to walk 25 metre loops of his garden to raise £1000 for the NHS by his 100th birthday. The amount of over £39 million was raised , a truly incredible amount. If ever I have a sad day I will always remember his words "Tomorrow will be a good day" R.I.P. Sir Captain Tom . May I also send my condolences to his daughters Hannah & Lucy and their families. xx
08.02.2021 11:13:52 Donna Duffy Thank you for being our shining beacon of hope and light in dark times. You will forever be in our hearts and memories. Never under estimate what you did for us all. Your family must be so proud.
08.02.2021 11:37:37 Michael Burgess Rest in peace Sir Captain Tom you were such a remarkable man and a shining example to everyone.
08.02.2021 11:44:13 Stephen Unwin Greatest respect. R.I.P
08.02.2021 11:46:51 Angelina Clayson Greatest respect. RIP
08.02.2021 11:47:44 Karen Stringer Thank you for everything you did. A true shining light in a period of darkness for this country and world. Thank you.
08.02.2021 12:56:29 The Wilson Family Thank you Captain Tom for all you’ve done not just for our village but also humankind at what has been the toughest of challenges we have had to face. Our love & thoughts go to your family. Your memory will live on with us forever. Dan, Alex, Harry & Rose
08.02.2021 13:43:26 Judi Stock A lovely humane, funny man who taught us all a thing or two in difficult times and with the well deserved help of his family and many ordinary people showed NHS workers how valued they are at all times. Thank you Sir Tom.
08.02.2021 14:27:18 The Maher Family R.I.P Captain Sir Tom Moore. Thank you for being a beacon of hope and inspiration to all when the Country was at a low ebb.
08.02.2021 14:33:28 Belinda Beckford-Dawes Captain Sir Tom Moore thank you for your Dedication, Love and Care for the community throughout your lifetime. God Bless you Always. I pray that you Rest In Eternal Peace Peace & Love to you 🙏🏽🌹💕🤗🙏🏽
08.02.2021 14:41:07 Dr Laurence Ralph Benjamin On behalf of the Luton United Synagogue, I wish to express our deepest condolences to Sir Tom Moore's family. His charitable work is an inspiration to those of all faiths and creeds. May the All-Merciful One shelter him with the cover of His wings forever, and bind his soul in the bond of life.
08.02.2021 15:05:53 James shaw Gone but never forgotten.
08.02.2021 14:48:32 Peter Mark Butler Captain Sir Tom Moore - a towering giant of a man in all respects. War hero in one of the worst of World War II arenas, yet modest to the shame of far lesser heroes. He led a quiet and unassuming life. Yet stood up mightily to the mark again in the modern day war zone of Covid19, suddenly re-emerging on the world scene as a leader of men by unstinted example. 100 years young but for so many a loss too soon to humanity around the world. I will miss him!
08.02.2021 13:21:13 John Kitchenman Captain Sir Tom Moore - a great hero and example to us all to remain positive in adversity and keep endeavouring; thank you; be forever remembered and rest in peace.
08.02.2021 15:23:12 Gemma Crilly and Ruby Atkinson My little 4 year old girl Ruby has followed everything you have done and she states you are her hero. Thank you for putting a smile on everyone faces and raising so much money for the NHS. You truly are an inspiration. Rest in peace Sir Captain Tom Moore. My daughter also added please can you look after our Aunt up in heaven.
08.02.2021 15:25:11 Mark Hardy DL Every time I heard him speak he brought a smile to my face and his passing has brought a tear to my eye. The memories will last forever. My thoughts and prayers are with his wonderful family.
08.02.2021 15:24:57 Henry Lafferty Sir Tom has been an inspiration to people of all ages, race and creeds.
08.02.2021 16:06:19 Laura Nash RIP captain Tom ! You are amazing and we will always be grateful for all you have done, you are a inspiration xxx
08.02.2021 16:49:27 Graham family What an honour and a privilege it has been to call you a fellow villager, Not only have you inspired your own community, but the whole world. What a legacy you have left in your final year on earth. Rest in peace Captain Tom, we know you were made a colonial, but you will always be Marston Moretaine's 'Captain Tom'.
08.02.2021 17:05:48 Susie B Thank you for showing us that great things can happen - one step at a time. A lesson for us all to remember. May God bless you and sustain your family who miss and love you.
08.02.2021 17:24:46 Mrs Brigid Mayles Thanks for what you achieved to help us all.
08.02.2021 18:12:07 Marie, Peter, Ella & Chloe Marshall Thank you Captain Sir Tom Moore, not only did you inspire a nation when we needed it the most, you put our little village on the map and gave us all inspiration that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. You will not be forgotten, your name will go down in history as someone who made a difference and helped so may, RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore. xxxx
08.02.2021 18:44:06 Graeme Baines Your service is done here, have rest, Sir. An inspiration to all. From a former Leighton Buzzard resident.
08.02.2021 18:48:24 Lucy Walker Captain Sir Tom.Thank you for all you have done for your country and the nation.You were a beacon of light in the darkness and will never be forgotten.R.I.P Tom
08.02.2021 18:55:31 Clare Barfoot Sir Captain Tom you were a true gentleman and gave us all hope for a better day when our days were filled with dark clouds. I’m so proud to be a fellow Bedfordshire dweller you have put us on the map! RIP Sir your inspiration will never be forgotten ♥️
08.02.2021 19:02:14 Catherine Flattery Captain Sir Tom, you started a challenge that was only a small personal goal to raise money for the NHS, but you quickly won our hearts and news spread and you raised more than you could have possibly dreamed of. Watching you complete your walk inspired us, took us out of the gloom and gave us hope! Your legacy will remain and the money you raised will save lives! Rest well Sur Tom and fly high !! Xxx
08.02.2021 19:23:36 Lamya Khan Thank you Captain Sir Tom for inspiring the nation and the world! You were a truly remarkable person and will never be forgotten. Always in our hearts. Rest in Peace xx
08.02.2021 20:42:26 Gemma magill Thank you for being you.
08.02.2021 22:15:26 Michael Frost Rest in peace captain. We were lucky to have you. An inspection to us all and shown our whole country what England is all about. xx
08.02.2021 22:30:11 Dilys Delarue Captain Sir Tom, whenever I think of you I see your twinkling smile. I didn't know you but I saw a remarkable gentleman who just got on with life in an unassuming way. You will always be remembered for your great achievement in bringing the nation together in an unprecedented time. You put a smile on people's faces and helped many through tough times. May you now be happily reunited with your dear wife, Pamela, and rest in peace. God bless you.
09.02.2021 08:46:39 Taiya, Daniel and Joshua Thank you Tom for everything you have done - for our country, our NHS, our morale. You are a remarkable man and you will go down in history as a legend. XxX
09.02.2021 08:56:50 Sharon Underwood Thank you for being so inspiring to a lot of people lovely kind hearted true soul x
09.02.2021 10:12:13 Susan Beck You were an inspiration to us all and kept us all going through a trying time, thank you. Thanks to you "Tomorrow will be a better day"
09.02.2021 11:35:19 Fernley and Barry Padfield God bless you dear Captain Sir Tom. May you now rest in peace, and forever be with our dear Lord Jesus. Thank you so very much for all your inspiration at this most difficult time in our history.
09.02.2021 11:18:49 Barry William Page My condolences to Captain Sir Tom Moore’s family. Sir Tom will be remembered by many, for his achievement in raising a fabulous amount of money for the NHS. Rest in Peace.
09.02.2021 12:01:34 Lucy Green Captain Tom Moore, you have been an inspiration to myself and thousands of others with your selfless acts both during the War and most recently with your continued support for the NHS. As an NHS worker myself I know how difficult things have been and I am so very grateful for your support. Sir, I am humbled. May you rest in peace. You will be missed by so so many.
09.02.2021 12:02:15 Colin and Angela Mason Captain Sir Tom, We honour your memory for all you did with such charm and wisdom to raise the hopes and spirits of our nation at such a difficult time. Colonel, it takes a soldier to get the big job done — raising all those millions for the NHS! Just fantastic!
09.02.2021 12:10:48 Jane Keeler What an amazing man you were. You brought inspiration and joy to so many people during this pandemic and raised so much money for our NHS. Thoughts, love and hugs to your family who must be devastated at this sad time. R.I.P. Sir Tom, never to be forgotten, your name will live on.
09.02.2021 13:41:47 Alli Hickson God Bless you Captain Sir Tom for being such an inspiration to all generations. Your star will live on and shine brightly down upon us for all eternity.
09.02.2021 14:33:45 Kimbolton Lodge Care Home We have a number of residents that followed the progress of captain Toms walk for the nhs, they have all said how sad it was to lose such a wonderful man He was an inspiration to all generations and long may he be remembered. we want all the family to know that you are in our thoughts at this sad time.
09.02.2021 15:38:50 Sarah Howse A true gentleman and an inspiration to all. You showed determination when there was adversity and hope when there was despair. You gave us all the courage to believe there would be a better tomorrow. Thank you and may you rest in peace.
09.02.2021 16:32:54 Maggie Bell You were an inspiration to all. I feel humbled to have known you.
09.02.2021 17:54:48 Nikki Kynoch An amazing gentleman who has left an amazing legacy. Rest in Peace.
09.02.2021 17:58:33 Lesley and Richard Gough With kindness and condolences from us both, It’s time for you to rest, God bless, thank you for you ability to shine a beacon, that many will hopefully follow.
09.02.2021 17:09:57 Barbara Carter You put Bedfordshire on the map in a good way. Thank you so much for all you achieved Captain Sir Tom. Such a sad end for a remarkable man, RIP.
09.02.2021 18:08:49 Claire Gill and family You brought sunshine to my day each time I saw you on TV; a very special man indeed..... sending love and strength to your family xx
09.02.2021 18:11:37 Christine Stewart Thank you Captain Tom - you gave us hope and inspiration when we really needed it. You gave us encouragement and the belief that tomorrow will be a better day. May you rest in peace and you will live on forever in our hearts and memories xx
09.02.2021 18:29:37 Miss Jayne Evans A true hero in many ways. You can now stand down, your duty is over. RIP Captain Sir Tom
09.02.2021 19:22:00 Desmond Crearer Today Is a better day thanks to you Sir, you showed a nation that it isn't what you do it's that you do something. Your name will be as pseunomenous as the pandemic itself. Walk on Captain we'll all fall in behind you.
09.02.2021 20:14:52 Anne Ridpath Thank you "Sir Captain Tom", when we were in the darkest of times, you brought us light, when we thought it couldnt get any worse, you brought us hope. What you did, was the most selfless act, one of which I will remember for the rest of my life, as will so many others. Well done Sir Tom, RIP you wonderful young at heart man xx god bless you.
09.02.2021 23:26:41 Mary Bavington Thank you so much Sir for giving us hope and inspiration you are much loved and admired by everyone I know, God bless you Sir Tom
10.02.2021 08:09:25 Aimee Mcintosh I would like to give my last sauté to a my nhs hero sir Tom Moore without your fundraising for the nhs they would be struggling even more your a inspiration and a legend everyday I tuned in to see how you were doing our bedfordshire community will miss u captain god bless your family rip to you fly high now thankyou for everything u did in this world xxxx
10.02.2021 09:03:31 Army Cadet Force, Sharnbrook Detachment We were saddened to hear of Captain Sir Tom Moore's passing. He was a remarkable gentleman and a role model for us all. Rest in Peace Sir Tom.
10.02.2021 08:55:52 Christine Burgess You have been any inspiration to everyone and touched so many hearts. May your legendary "Tomorrow will be a good day" live on forever. Rest in peace Sir Captain Tom and know you will never be forgotten x
10.02.2021 09:06:30 Luigi Magliaro Sorry to hear about Sir Tom Moore's passing, he has brought a lot of hope to a lot of people with the money he has raised. I have been inspired by what Sir Tom Moore has done, never give up and always have a goal.
10.02.2021 09:16:06 Sue Cinato RIP Sir Tom
10.02.2021 09:28:06 Rachel Horn Rest in peace dear Tom. Thank you for everything you did for the NHS. My Daughter Ruby and I were so moved by your efforts .. your spirit left us both with a life lasting impression . Enjoy your next adventure wherever you may go X
10.02.2021 09:36:51 Rebecca Dyson Captain Sir Tom - you are an inspiration. Thank you for all your kindness throughout this difficult time.
10.02.2021 09:26:04 Dawn Allen I am in awe of not only your achievement, your positivity and sunny outlook but also of your humility and the down to earth way you dealt with the fame that was not sought but derived from wanting to help. In the face of the clamour and glamour you stayed true to what mattered. You were a true inspiration and I will always remember that "tomorrow will be a good day".
10.02.2021 09:46:29 Elizabeth Shulver An inspirational gentleman who captured the nation's hearts and unknowingly brought us all together during these tough times. Proud to be from Yorkshire "stock" and living in Bedford, just like Captain Tom!
10.02.2021 10:33:04 Lynsey Salmasi Captain Sir Tom, you gave us hope in a time of challenge, you inspired us and also made us smile. You really were an inspiration to so many. Shine Bright xxx
10.02.2021 11:10:05 Peter Leverkus Thank you, Captain Sir Tom, for showing us all what inspiration really means. You have inspired thousands, millions, of people to view life differently and to learn that the future lies in giving to our family, friends, neighbours and others on this planet, rather than just taking. You have been a true inspiration. Thank you.
10.02.2021 11:43:17 Mary Haggerwood Thank you Sir Tom, for showing everyone we can all make a difference. You captured the hearts of millions of people and instilled in us, hope for the future, when so much was being lost. A true gentleman and an inspiration to us all. God bless you and rest in peace.
10.02.2021 11:58:03 Sue Ashton You were one of the few left who knew what being a true gentlemen & scholar is. RIP Sir, you made a difference xx
10.02.2021 12:00:37 Flitwick & Ampthill Sea Cadets Rest easy Sir, fair winds and following seas. A true inspiration 🌈⚓️
10.02.2021 12:33:34 Lillibet Lodge Care Home May you rest in peace Sir Captain Tom Moore , You gave us all a lot of inspiration through tough times
10.02.2021 14:44:42 Claire What a truly inspirational, lovely man who many people could learn a lot from. Thank you for brightening all our lives with your motivation and zest for life and the phrase "Tomorrow will be a good day" . RIP Captain Sir Tom xx
10.02.2021 15:13:57 Mr Mrs Ramesh and Harbhajan Sondhi Our deepest condolence to The family. He was a great man did lot for the country. He will always stay close to our heat. May he rest in peace.
10.02.2021 17:32:31 Ravi Paul YNWA Sir Tom. Thank you for your support and inspiration.
10.02.2021 17:45:11 Nicola Dunne What a wonderful gentleman - you reminded me greatly of my grandfather and his gentle ways - you have also been a beacon of light during this difficult time - rest in peace Sir Tom and may the good Lord take great care of you.
10.02.2021 20:45:45 Peter Meadows My wife and I were so saddened to hear of Capt. Sir Tom's death. He was an inspiration to us all through this very difficult period of history, with his positive, optimistic , inspirational attitude . He brightened so many people's lives not just in this country but throughout the world. He was a true hero.
10.02.2021 21:43:52 Andrew Gilbert I work at Bedford School and coach Benji cricket and hockey. I was incredibly privileged to be asked to help open some of the cards and presents sent to the school for Captain Tom. The kind words people wrote and the hope he gave the nation in a time when the country needed something to lift everyone's spirits. Captain Tom gave us that hope and focus. God bless you Sir and may you rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers are with your family at this time. Kind regards Andrew Gilbert
10.02.2021 23:26:57 Philomena Donaldson RIP Captain Tom. You lifted our spirits when we needed it most. You are walking with the Angels now and looking down on your lovely family who shared you with us in your final year. God bless them.
11.02.2021 00:18:04 louise chester rip sir tom a true hero xx
11.02.2021 00:55:57 Neil Haslam Dear Captain Tom, thank you for your restoring my faith in human nature, your good sense of humour and your kindness to others. I salute you sir, God Bless, RIP.
11.02.2021 08:05:18 Emvin Mifsud Thank You Sir Tom for your sacrifices during the past war and your effort during the Pandemic. Your actions go to show that it just takes the courage to try, to start, and good deeds will follow. RIP
11.02.2021 08:45:59 Liz Anderson Thank you Sir Tom, you were a gentleman from a bygone era who brought the stoic British spirit back to us at a time of worry and uncertainty, uniting the Country behind you.
11.02.2021 09:34:23 Lis Morris Sir Tom was an amazing example of how to live life with positivity and kindness .He showed us never to give up . My condolences go to his family who must be very proud of him. He was a credit to the country. May he rest in peace.
11.02.2021 14:59:50 Meryl Dolling Thank you so much for helping us through these difficult times and for putting Bedfordshire on the map in a truly positive light. Rest In Peace.
11.02.2021 15:50:52 Katie Dennis-Beddall So very sorry to hear of the passing of Captain Sir Tom. He will be dearly missed and always remembered, a true inspiration to many.
11.02.2021 20:20:35 Andrew and Elisabeth Slack How fortunate we have been to have had Captain Sir Tom Moore’s example and inspiration at such a time of crisis and challenge. He captured our hearts, raised our spirits and helped us to be positive and cheerful. It has been a joy and a blessing to have watched Captain Sir Tom engage in such a wonderful flourish at the end of his long and well lived life. He and his actions and delightful personality will never be forgotten.Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.
11.02.2021 20:35:47 Lindsay Vickors Rest in peace Captain Sir Tom, you were an inspiration to us all through the pandemic and your determination to complete your 100 laps and raise funds for the NHS will be never be forgotten. thank you xx
11.02.2021 21:16:53 Sian Marks Captain Sir Tom - You gave us hope in the darkest of times and proved that anyone can achieve anything if they put their mind or feet to it. You became a national treasure and I loved following your story. Condolences to all your family. You must be so proud off all he achieved yet your hearts will be breaking. RIP Captain Sir Tom.
12.02.2021 07:15:49 Caroline Hilton You were an inspiration to us all at a time when we needed it most. You lovely smile and words of wisdom will be missed. RiP Captain Sir Tom Moore x
12.02.2021 09:13:29 Jacqueline Masters RIP dear Sir Captain Tom. Thank you for all you did for us all. A kind and caring gentleman.
13.02.2021 10:21:36 Emily Warner Sir Tom, you were a true hero. You provided hope to so many people during an extremely difficult time. Rest in peace, your name will be remembered by many.
13.02.2021 20:23:52 Laura Jenkins Thank you Sir Tom for your positive attitude, your kindness and of course the millions you raised for the NHS. You will never be forgotten and your name will live on forever. The Jenkins Family
14.02.2021 12:04:38 Dawn and Tobey Angell Captain Sir Tom, you captured the nation's, and mine and Tobey's hearts with your humble but powerful attempt to raise money for the NHS. You surpassed your target and everyone watched your quiet and humble amazement of what you achieved. Your legacy lives on through your family who allowed the nation and beyond into your lives, and your inspiration continues through others who emulate your wish to help others. Sir you have served all your life and now it is time to rest with Jesus. You touched my heart and my son's heart and we thank and salute you Captain Sir Tom.
14.02.2021 17:13:04 Raj Pancholi, Outreach & Community Relations Lead, BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Luton The entire fellowship of BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Luton conveys its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Sir Captain Tom Moore. Sir Tom was a beacon of hope at a time of fear and uncertainty, and we pray that his selflessness, courage and humility continue to inspire us for generations to come. Our nation has truly lost a hero of our time.
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